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Sonic Free Riders Weapons Trailer

Kinect is launching in just a couple of days in North America. Sonic Free Riders is one of the few more standard looking games in the bunch of dance games, fitness titles, and sports compilations.

Much like Mario Kart and SEGA’s previous Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, the title  features power ups that the players use. Some of these power ups are simple throwing items, while others require specific motions by the player to activate. A few examples shown are a soda can players have to shake up to get a boost, and pressing the button on an ink blotter.

The title will be available on launch day, so if the trailer looks fun, you’ll be able to pick up it day one.

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Sonic Free Riders – Introduction Trailer

Heres a new trailer for Sonic Free Riders for Kinect. The trailer shows how to lean to varyin degrees, jump and spin etc to play the game and literally become the controller. Although the trailer looks cool, for some reason I still can’t see this catching on.. But it would be nice for it to be a success for Kinect.

Sonic Free Riders is out for Kinect on Xbox 360 on November 4th, see what you think of the introduction trailer after the jump. Continue reading Sonic Free Riders – Introduction Trailer

Rumor: SEGA Supporting Natal with “Sonic Free Riders” for XBLA

It has been some time since we have heard from the Sonic Riders franchise, but it looks like it may surfacing again. Joystiq was told by an inside source that an XBLA title called Sonic Free Riders will be launching later this year.

While there was no mention of exclusivity, it sounds like there might be a good chance it is. The title will be supporting Project Natal.  So players control their characters on screen using their body. Other actions noted included the ability to grab items by actually reaching out towards them, and motioning towards enemies to attack them.

Microsoft is set to reveal Natal on the 13th, and i’m sure they will be pushing almost any title they can get on the platform. So I think we will probably see it at least a little bit on the show floor, if the rumor is true of course.

I’ve still haven’t picked up the series. Maybe I will… maybe… one day.

(Via: Kotaku)
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