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E3 Spotlight: Sonic Generations, Zombie Apocolypse 2, R&C: All 4 One

You didn’t think we wouldn’t be covering all the smaller updates, did you? Here’s the first of today’s updates and news about games we already knew about, but with some new information.


SONIC GENERATIONS: PS3, 360, 3DS – Release date: November 22nd 2011

A recent interview undertaken by Machinima at E3 with Patrick Reily, Director of International Development for Sega, revealed a bit more information about the celebration of Sonic’s 20th birthday. The game is essentially that, bringing back Genesis/Megadrive levels, Dreamcast levels, and current gen levels in an HD, all shiny new style with a storyline threading it all togerher.


With two distinct gameplay style with Retro Sonic having only his moves from the original Quadrilogy ((No Homing attack!)) as well as Modern Sonic having gameplay styles from Colours and Unleashed ((He didn’t mention 06, as well he shouldn’t)) – Both have their own storyline and make cameos in each others, and are the only playable characters, according to a statement from Takashi Iizuka. Prior reports of a PC version have been quashed, however the 3DS version has been confirmed.

Zombie Apocolypse 2: XBLA and PSN – Fall/Autumn 2011

Nothing more than an announcement, but Konami announced on their website that a sequel to a surprise hit of 2009, Zombie Apocolypse, is getting a sequel to be released in the Fall/Autumn.

However, they are hinting at a new gameplay style, as in the original, your character was trapped in a small map, and you had to survive for a certain amount of time, now four new survivours must work together to fight through a reclusive island and not die. With each character getting unique abilities and weapons, this will add a certain level of tactical depth that was lacking in the original. While no gameplay footage was available, here”s some from the original to give you a taste of what you can expect.


Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: Ps3 Exclusive – Released 18th October 2011 ((US)), 20th October ((Australia)), 21st October ((Europe))

Insomniac gave a glimpse of the first level of the latest four-person co-op game in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, with features Ratchet & Clank, failed Ego hero Captain Quark, and Doctor Nefarious who must work together to escape a trap that Nefarious’s latest scheme forced them to fall for. With the exception of one or two games, the Ratchet and Clank series has always been of a ratehr high standard, and the gameplay looks promising – not as cluster-frenzied as NSMBWii was, mainly thanks to the third dimension to move around on.


SEGA Lists Sonic Generations for PC and 3DS

If you’re looking forward to Sonic Generations but don’t have a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you’re in luck! During SEGA’s finnancial briefing, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases of Sonic Generations were listed alongside previously unannounced PC and Nintendo 3DS versions as well. Unless there was an error, this should be pretty much confirmed.


SEGA hasn’t released any official detials regarding either version. We can safely assume the PC release will probably be along the lines as the 360 and PS3 releases, but who knows about the 3DS release.


Honestly, it’s kind of interesting that their bringing the title to the Nintendo 3DS, especially since they left out the Wii due to the platform not supporting HD. Either-way, the more platforms the better.


(Source: andriasang)

GameStop Lists Sonic Generations 3DS

Sonic Generations as of right now is only coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Considering the franchises’ history, it was a bit odd to see Nintendo’s platforms missing out on the action. But a recent GameStop listing suggests that the title might be heading to Nintendo’s latest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS.


It seems a little odd that SEGA wouldn’t have announced it yet, but maybe it will show up at E3. If this listing isn’t a mistake of course.

Sonic Generations Gameplay Footage

Ever wonder what Sonic Generations looks like when it’s super blurry? Hit the jump and find out! Yeah, the video isn’t that great of quality, but we do get a  good look at the first level of the game. We see it both from classic Sonic’s perspective, who plays the level entirely in 2D, and modern Sonic’s perspective, which focuses on 3D gameplay with some light 2D elements.


Classic Sonic’s seems to be a strict remake of the level, where modern Sonic takes a lot more liberties, like an entire underground rail segment while being chased by a giant robot fish.  Modern Sonic also seems to be have a ridiculous amount of boost energy, as it is used almost the entire play-through.

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Where’s Our Wii Version of Sonic Generations?

Sonic’s fan base was dispersed all over after the Dreamcast croaked. And while there are plenty of fans on all platforms, most would probably agree that Sonic’s biggest fan base is probably on the Wii. So why would SEGA ignore the Wii when it comes to their recent reveal of Sonic Generations? A SEGA rep basically told Kotaku that the Wii doesn’t support HD, and Sonic Generations is an HD game. Therefore, no Wii game.


Kind of a lame excuse, if you ask me. I’m not saying the Wii version of past Sonic games looked as good as the 360 or PS3 versions, but I feel like the system still did the titles justice. But who knows, maybe SEGA has something else in the works for Wii. We’ll have to wait and see what crops up. Until then, I hope you have a 360 or PS3.


You can also check out the trailer released today after the jump.


(Image Source: Destructoid)


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First Screens for Sonic Generations

My history with the Sonic franchise is well known by frequenters of the 24/7 stream. Still I know that it is a beloved and well liked franchise and Sega appears to be delivering what fan’s have been asking for, A classic Genesis style sonic game. From the screens of the recently announced Sonic Generations it looks like Sonic 2 rendered with polygons.


Essentially this game is what Megaman Universe would have been but for sonic. You can play as Classic Sonic and Green Eyed Sonic and they have their own unique moves. It will be set across three era’s of sonic games having both 3D and 2D levels. Seems pretty interesting in concept to me. I might actually check this one out when it releases Holiday of this year. Check out some assets after the jump.


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