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Project Needlemouse features Sonic as the only playable character

SEGA was having a character countdown to show what characters would be playable in Project Needlemouse. Come day 5 only Sonic remained on the character list. So unless SEGA pulls a fast one, Sonic should be the only playable character in the title.

SEGA also released concept art for one of the enemies to appear in Project Needlemouse. You can check out the art after the jump.

(Source: Sega Blogs)

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OILD – Ice Cap Zone

OH YEAH BABY!! I’ve gotten almost no sleep in the past 72 hours. There were lots of highs, lots of lows, but as you know by now, the goal was reached! All 493 caught, more than enough money raised, and tons of fun had. You helped out a great cause, and because of that I’m making one of my biggest Obligatory Ice Level Day posts of the month. You knew this was coming… it’s Ice Cap Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog 3!!


You’d be hard pressed to find a more famous ice level. Act I starts off with Sonic snowboarding down a giant hill before crashing into an icy cave. Inside the cave is a series of steep slopes that will repeat from now until the end of time (or at least until the end of the game’s timer) if you don’t hop onto a frozen ledge and allow it to smash through a few icy barriers. Killer icicles rule the day in this cave; if they’re not sticking out of the walls, they’re covering the floors. Sometimes you even have let a huge icicle crash into the spiky floor and hop onto it in order to progress. Dr. Robotnik Eggman ROBOTNIK has worked to make this place even more dangerous by installing machines that blow freezing air and building penguin-like badniks. After busting out of the cave you’ll end up on an iceberg, and face off against a robot that uses levitating ice as a shield. Defeating it leads directly into Act II, which starts off in a more open, snowy area. Here you’ll find some shuttle loops that the Sonic series is known for, as well as some springy platforms. Really this Act isn’t as long as the first one.  Once you get to the end, you can find Robotnik piloting yet another silly robo-vehicle. It blows cold air that can freeze Sonic, and the spiky weight it pushes out can crush him. However, if you jump on the weight, you can get close enough to hit the machine and destroy it.


Ice Cap Zone wallpaper, oh yes! I couldn’t decide which part to draw, so I drew ALL OF IT (kind of). Get the full version here!

I think you can guess what today’s music is. Yep, it’s Ice Cap Zone Act I and Ice Cap Zone Act II! This is a pretty famous theme. How famous? Well…

TODAY’S REMIXES: I won’t lie. Ice Cap Zone has been remixed so many times that it’s almost a running gag. Regardless, I like a lot of Ice Cap remixes. So let’s list a ton of them, shall we?

IceCapped by McVaffe is a very gentle remix, with a lot of harp and flute sounds in it. It’s one of the first Ice Cap remixes I ever downloaded and I still love it. IceCap Zone (Frozen Knuckles Mix), by Rayza, starts off with a decidedly bizarre speaking part, but quickly moves into a great mix that stays close to the source material. Ice Attack is by Trance-Canada and is a really nice trance interpretation of the song. Hot Ice is by DarkeSword and is a calmer version with a nice beat, and it also mixes in music from Lava Reef Zone. Snow Motion, by SkyHigh, is a slow version that nevertheless doesn’t drag and is great fun to listen to. Memories Frozen in Time is by DCT and Just Us, and is a rap version about the struggle of following a dream. Eastern Ice Field is by Big Giant Circles and is a uniquely eastern take on the song. Breaking the Ice, by DigiE, is a great electronica version that has a lot of cool synth sounds. Snowboardin’ Sonic is by Willrock and is a lively mix with some fun solos in it. As you can see, you could make a whole playlist of great Ice Cap Zone remixes! I love all of these.

Speaking of which, remember how I said remixing Ice Cap is practically a running gag? Well a few years ago, OC ReMix pulled a hilarious April Fool’s joke with ReCapitated: An Official OverClocked ReMix Tribute Arrangement Album Project. I think by now you can figure out what the gag is. But what made it even funnier was that OCR regulars actually made gag songs for this “project.” All of these remixes are wonderfully terrible, so get a good laugh out of it! Hey, I told you Obligatory Ice Level Day isn’t a serious holiday, didn’t I?

And let’s not forget about my favorite Ice Cap Zone remix: ICE COLD RETRO! It’s by Joshua Morse and was made for our OILD soundtrack. It has a great beat and is tons of fun to listen to! And don’t forget that the soundtrack also has wonderful mixes by Posu Yan and Select Start! Please go download it if you haven’t already. And visit their websites too! Let them know how rad they are for helping out with this event! Those artists deserve some love!

THANKS AGAIN for watching the marathon! You all deserve some love too! Give yourselves a hand, ok?

Sonic Classic Collection officially announced, details and EU release info

Early next year you will be able to take Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Sonic & Knuckles on the go with your Nintendo DS. Four classic Genesis/Mega Drive sonic titles all in one cartridge.

Also included in the package will be some special videos and pictures that you can look at while you aren’t reliving the early 90’s.

Sonic Classic Collection is due out some time in March 2010 for Europe. Release dates have not been announced for any other regions.

You can check out some screens after the jump….but chances are you probably already know what it looks like.

(Source: Sega and Sega Europe Blog)

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Sega leaks Sega/Sony plans

Sega accidentally released details of a Sega/Sony meeting from August 5th. The meeting touched on multiple topics, but here are the interesting tidbits.

Their looking into putting PS2 and Dreamcast games on PSN, 2010 (March in specific for Japan) launch for Sony’s motion controller, A import section on PSN (Specifically mentioned Yakuza series) with minimal localization; example: translated menus and subtitles , and a Sonic Anniversary Collection with all the old Sonic games on a  single Blu-ray disc.

These are just plans though, so they could have changed since then. But it gives us a glimpse at what Sony and Sega may be bringing for the future. You can check out the full list of details over on Neogaf’s forums.

Sonic and Knuckles for XBLA complete with cartridge stacking…kind of…

Sonic and Knuckles will be available on September 9th for download on XBLA; But not without one of its most important features, the ability to use it with other Sonic games you have purchased on XBLA.  Owning Sonic the Hedgehog unlocks Blue sphere. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 lets you play the games as knuckles and still includes the extra power ups and before inaccessible areas. Last but not least, having Sonic the Hedgehog 3 will allow you to play as Knuckles as well.

Depending on who you are, this could be a cool addition or just Sega trying to tempt you to buy the other games. The magic of cartridge stacking isn’t actually there but it is kind of neat that Sega tried to embrace it.

(Source: Shacknews)