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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review

Nathan Drake, the wise-cracking treasure hunter, returns for a third time in Naughty Dog’s newest title, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. For readers who don’t know, Uncharted 2 won Game of the Year 2009 from various sites such as IGN, Kotaku, Giant Bomb, Joystiq, Eurogamer and many more. Has Naughty Dog pulled it off yet again?

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PSA: PSN and SOE Attacked AGAIN, Better Go Change Your Password

Sony just can’t catch a break: Late last night/early this morning, hackers attempted to compromise the accounts of Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment users through an unsophisticated brute force attack, simply attempting to match login credentials(i.e. usernames and passwords) obtained from other hacked websites.

This attack was far less successful than past hacking attempts, only compromising the accounts of around 93,000 users, which is less than one tenth of a percent(0.1%). Nonetheless, better safe than sorry- and as a word of advice I’d recommend changing your passwords again, which is also recommended by new Sony Chief Information Security Officer Philip Reitinger:

We want to let you know that we have detected attempts on Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment (“Networks”) services to test a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords against our network database. These attempts appear to include a large amount of data obtained from one or more compromised lists from other companies, sites or other sources. In this case, given that the data tested against our network consisted of sign-in ID-password pairs, and that the overwhelming majority of the pairs resulted in failed matching attempts, it is likely the data came from another source and not from our Networks. We have taken steps to mitigate the activity.

Less than one tenth of one percent (0.1%) of our PSN, SEN and SOE audience may have been affected. There were approximately 93,000 accounts globally (PSN/SEN: approximately 60,000 accounts; SOE: approximately 33,000) where the attempts succeeded in verifying those accounts’ valid sign-in IDs and passwords, and we have temporarily locked these accounts. Only a small fraction of these 93,000 accounts showed additional activity prior to being locked. We are currently reviewing those accounts for unauthorized access, and will provide more updates as we have them. Please note, if you have a credit card associated with your account, your credit card number is not at risk. We will work with any users whom we confirm have had unauthorized purchases made to restore amounts in the PSN/SEN or SOE wallet.

As a preventative measure, we are requiring secure password resets for those PSN/SEN accounts that had both a sign-in ID and password match through this attempt. If you are in the small group of PSN/SEN users who may have been affected, you will receive an email from us at the address associated with your account that will prompt you to reset your password.

Similarly, the SOE accounts that were matched have been temporarily turned off. If you are among the small group of affected SOE customers, you will receive an email from us at the address associated with your account that will advise you on next steps in order to validate your account credentials and have your account turned back on.

We want to take this opportunity to remind our consumers about the increasingly common threat of fraudulent activity online, as well as the importance of having a strong password and having a username/password combination that is not associated with other online services or sites. We encourage you to choose unique, hard-to-guess passwords and always look for unusual activity in your account.

So if your account was affected they’ll let you know, and if they almost hacked into your account they’ll make you set a new password, though once again, it’s recommended that all users change their password for security’s sake.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

Future Sony Games to Include Online Pass

In recent news, it’s been said that Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will include an “online pass”. Which means, the game will include a code which is used to access the online features of the game. If a person buys the game used, they have to pay an additional $10 USD to purchase their own online pass to access the features. Sony has confirmed that future Sony titles will incorporate the online pass feature.

“Online Pass will be incorporated into Uncharted 3 and future Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) games with online functionality,” the company told Destructoid. “We will provide further information in the future. “

Looks like the used gaming market is going to take a little hit.



Ex-Homeland Security Cyber Boss Joins Sony

After the lengthy and rather traumatic PlayStation Network outage which lasted nearly a month and compromised the identities of nearly 77 million users, Sony has taken a step to ensure that it’s now-larger PSN userbase and service are kept safe from another assault by hiring Phillip Reitinger to the position of senior vice president.

Mr. Reitinger is the Ex-Director of the US National Cyber Security Centre and has held a previous post in the Department of Defense, a worthy resume indeed.

Between this new hire and the use of actual experts in their evaluation of the recovering network’s security, Sony seems to be taking things seriously this time and are set to be among the most secure in the business.

(Source: Eurogamer)

Sony and Spike TV Create Uncharted Reality Show

Advertising is getting bigger and more diverse, especially now with Sony teaming up with Spike TV to create a reality show all towards finding a real-life Nathan Drake

With Uncharted 3 coming up in November, Sony have launched a show in the vain of Takeshi’s Castle, Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior which is ultimately meant to advertise their new game…but how can you not love people jumping over things, falling off of things and being hit by things designed to push them into things? They are after those that “love adventure and video game enthusiasts, puzzle solvers and risk takers.”

If you are over 21, can travel in the week of October 3rd, have a driver’s liscense and are willing to fill in a lot of forms, go for it! We all need a good laugh

(Source: The Escapist )

Sony Announces New €99 PSP Model, Drops PS3 Price (Update)

The PlayStation Vita is right around the corner, but Sony is trying to entice those who have been skipping out on their current platforms, both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Both platforms are currently are already a fantastic value as is, but now you can save even more.

PlayStation Portable is seeing a new model released in Europe and it will cost only €99… But there’s a catch. The new model, PSP E-1000, does not include Wi-Fi, limiting the system’s capabilities. There will also be new PSP Essential titles that will retail for €9.99. The full line-up wasn’t announced, but will include Invisimals: The Lost Tribes, EyePet Adventures and FIFA 12.

PlayStation 3 will also see a price drop. The 160 GB model will now retail for $249.99 and the 320 GB model will now retail for $299.99.

You can see glamour shots of the new PSP E-1000 after the jump.

Update: The PSP E-1000 is a European exclusive model.

(Update Source: Kotaku)

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Vita Delayed in US and EU Until 2012, Might be Sony’s Answer to WiiU

The PlayStation Vita is still on track for a holiday 2011 release, in Japan at least… Sony confirmed that the Vita will not launch outside of Japan in 2011, with a “Phased Global Release” starting there and reaching western shores in the beginning of next year.

Well, here’s a grain of salt for everyone- Apparently features found in the WiiU’s new tablet/controller would be possible on the PS3 using a PS Vita: Gyroscope, all physical controls, front and back touchpads/screens, game streaming, the works.

In combination with cross-platform gaming like with WipEout 2048 and WipEout HD as well as Continuation Play, where your PS3 saves can be instantly ported to your PS Vita system and you can continue on the go- Nintendo’s new system seems to have some direct competition right out of the gate, since both will be released in the same time frame of “sometime in 2012″…

(Sources: CVG and Eurogamer)

Petition To Save Star Wars Galaxies Fails

Somewhat relevant to the theme of the current marathon on TSG,  Star Wars Galaxies has not been granted a stay of execution after Sony responded to a several thousand strong petition to keep the game going.

They said in a statement given to GamePro that the decision to end the availablility of the game was a mutual one by both Sony and LucasArts. The increasingly-common Free-To-Play model was considered, but deemed unviable for the game, and could not be implemented. The full statement doesn’t explain more than what was originally announced, feeling slightly rehashed from the original announcement.

One of the more substantial reasons could be the release of The Old Republic on the horizon, LucasArts don’t want two conflicting IP’s on the market. Unfortunately, time is up for Galaxies, and any fans of the game may have to switch over.

PSN Pass Official- Sony to Roll Out Single Use Codes

After pictures of Resistance 3 were spotted showing off the new PSN Online Pass ‘feature’, Eurogamer asked Sony to explain themselves.


“We are always evaluating new programs for our online offering, and starting with Resistance 3 this September, we will be instituting a network pass program for PS3 games with online capabilities.”

“This program will be game-specific. Games that are a part of this program will include a single-use registration code that grants the account holder redeeming the code full online access for that title.”

“This is an important initiative as it allows us to accelerate our commitment to enhancing premium online services across our first party game portfolio.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds pretty much like EA’s decision to employ single use codes to activate all of the game’s features, and get some extra money out of used game buyers; since if you happen to obtain one of these select titles that’s missing the PSN Pass, Sony will be ever so delighted to allow you to buy another one in their store…

So buyer beware, once November rolls around most games developed and/or published by Sony will likely need a code to unlock half the game.

Suddenly that skull's a lot more menacing...
Suddenly that skull’s a lot more menacing…

(Source: Eurogamer)

Sony Welcome Back Offer Extended

Have you neglected to download all the free stuff that Sony has to offer because of the wonderful network outage they experienced? If so do not fret, you still have… ONE DAY.

According to Sony, they have extended the Welcome Back offer.

“UPDATE: The Welcome Back offer has been extended until 9am Pacific on Tuesday, July 5th. If you haven’t had a chance to download the offerings, please do so before then.”

A good explanation might be because it’s the fourth of July, but at any rate if you haven’t indulged yourself on Sony’s Welcome Back Offer, then you might want to hop to it.

(Source: Playstation US Blog)