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El Shaddai Soundtrack gets release April 27th

In a collaboration with Square Enix, Ignition Entertainment has been releasing various merchandise for their latest (and so far, only) game, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. Disregarding the game’s designer jeans which managed to sell out within three minutes due to a huge fan demand, Square Enix have also commisioned: An artbook, A strategy guide, some creepy looking nendroids and most recently, a soundtrack. The soundtrack will be released on April 27th, a mere one day before the release of the game itself for ¥2,800 (a sample of the soundtrack can be found here). First print runs of the soundtrack will contain an special sleeve case which can be seen as the image to this article. El Shaddai will be released for Western territories sometime this summer.

Source: (Andriasang)

3DS Splinter Cell Soundtrack gets a Vinyl

I know you love 3DS, right? How about Splinter Cell? OK, so maybe not as many of you. But I know all of you love those classic Splinter Cell tunes, right? Well, you can get you fix with the vinyl release of the Splinter Cell 3DS soundtrack. To be honest, this is much cooler than I initially thought. The actual soundtrack is an odd creation of a remix of the Chaos Theory soundtrack that has then been remixed by a bunch of different people and then made into the soundtrack for Splinter Cell 3DS. You can pick it up in a super limited vinyl release for $30 on the Ubistore and it comes with some clever 3D glasses in the sleeve.


Xenogears Soundtrack released this February

And from Xenogears being released on NA PSN to Xenogears recieving a new soundtrack CD. 13 years after it’s release, Square Enix. The album contains 14 fully orchestrated tracks picked by the fans and sorted out by Mitsuda himself and played by the National Bulgaria Orchestra. The site in question contaisn a music sample, A full track list (for anyone who can decypher Japanese) and a personal message from Mitsuda himself. The Soundtrack will be released on Febuary 23rd for 3000 en (£23.70, $36.74).

Japanese Club Nintendo offers Super Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack

For a mere 300 points Japanese Club Nintendo members can get the entire 70 song, two disc, Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack. We can only hope that this comes state side and we can enjoy this for ourselves. I would cash in every single one of my points for this as a huge fan of game music and especially the quality of the first game and now the second games soundtracks.

How many of you are foaming at the mouth right now.

(Source: 1up.com)

More Than Mario

HOWDY KIDS!! As you know, I love great game remixes. And as I know, you love great game remixes as well. So let me take this moment to tell you about More Than Mario, a great album by Dale North and Mustin! It’s a collection of mixes of various Nintendo games, from Animal Crossing to Zelda to Nintendogs. Listen to the samples and you’ll see for yourself how awesome this is! And at only $8.99, it’s a great deal.

Buy it, urge your friends to buy it, and have them urge their friends to buy it. Let’s get together and support some of the greatest artists in the remixing community, shall we?


Hey hey hey! I promised you a big treat, and a big treat you shall have!

You all are so very important to TSG. All year you people have helped out the marathons by promoting, watching, and donating. Together we helped raise money for Susan G. Komen, the Earth Day Network, and The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. We were even able to raise $50,000 for ACT Today, and soon we’ll help out Ally’s House. I think it’s wonderful how so many people have united to help these great causes.

So as a special gift to everyone, I commissioned the first ever Obligatory Ice Level Soundtrack! Yeah, that’s right, this event has its own SOUNDTRACK. Just go to that page and grab it for yourself! I even made printable cover art if you want to burn it to CD!


1) “Holiday” (“Penguin” from Pop n’ Music) by Posu Yan
2) “Frost Bossa” (“Frost Man” from Mega Man 8 ) by Joshua Morse
3) “Ice Cold Retro” (“Ice Cap Zone” from Sonic the Hedgehog 3) by Joshua Morse
4) “A Wish” (from The Secret of Mana) by Select Start
5) “Route 216” (from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl) by Select Start

These artists are some of the raddest in the game remixing community. And what’s more, they were all very friendly and helpful! You wouldn’t believe how enthusiastic these people were. It was such an honor to work with each of them. In fact, this went so well that I hope we can work together again in the future! Expect to be driven mad by my constant praise, because I’m going to be plugging these folks’ work all month. I want everyone to know their greatness!

Speaking of which, there’s something I want you to do for me. You see, these artists deserve to have their talents recognized. I want each and every one of you to spread the word of their greatness. Show your friends the OILD soundtrack and link to these musicians’ pages. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Post about them in your personal blogs and link to them on your sites. Join the Facebook groups and follow the Twitters! Turn these people into superstars! Let everyone know how they helped make this event even more awesome! Do this for me and I will be eternally grateful.

Here’s where you can find these folks! Promote them like crazy! You’ll be glad you did.

Posu Yan – Website: posuyan.com and wushuplaya.com
Joshua Morse – Website: jmflava.com Other: Joshua Morse on Facebook Joshua Morse on Twitter
Select Start – Website: selectstartband.com Other: Select Start Facebook Group Select Start on Twitter Select Start on Myspace