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Bad Doggy! [Free Copy of Dead Space 2]

What a strange title..  Then again, it’s quite a strange story.

A young lady named Ashley was happily playing  Dead Space 2 when her dog knocked over her Xbox360, killing it in the most horrible fashion imaginable…  [AKA:  Not a RROD and not covered by warrenty.]  After attempting to fix the console, she quickly ran to Twitter in order to gripe, complain and generally fill up her followers boxes.

Well, a director at EA [somebody that had previously commented to Ashley that Dead Space 2 was going to be a great title] noticed, and sent Ashley a little present!

An autographed copy of Dead Space 2, alongside a hand-drawn image from the Dead Space Artists!  [See them after the jump].

Makes me wonder…  Can I get my yorkie to drag my Super Nintendo outside a 5 story window and get an autographed copy of Earthbound?  IT IS OBVIOUSLY WORTH A TRY.  [/begins evil plotting]

Source: NicaGamerz

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Dead Space 2 Demo is Out

Because nothing screams the holiday season more than…  err..  Well, blood curdling screams of horror and wet pants?

Anyway, the Dead Space 2 Demo is not out for Xbox Live and PSN owners.  For those new to the series, the first Dead Space was a survival/horror FPS game, which followed the tale of Isaac Clarke, who engages a virus alien infestation which transformed the humans of a nearby space mining ship into disgusting “Necromorphs”.  It got moderate to above average reception, and acclimated a rather large fanbase, if their in-depth Wiki guide is any sort of sign to that.

Source:  Destructoid

Dead Space 2 : Collector’s Edition Goodies

Dead Space 2 fans have been looking [for a while now] forward to a collector’s edition of the game.  Well, looks like the UK and North America are getting their wishes granted!

In the UK, gamers can expect a life-size toy Plasma Cutter [Xbox360/PC only, PS3 versions will get Dead Space Extraction], in addition to a soundtrack CD, a DLC voucher, and a piece of the game’s artwork.  No confirmed information has yet been released for North America, or if the Plasma Cutter restriction will also apply.  Check a larger version of the featured image picture after the jump!

Source:  Joystiq

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