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OILD – Holiday Lemmings

Day 5 of OILD! Are you celebrating! You better! Just like you’d better be visiting the OILD ’11 Facebook page! Go, go! For the good of the city! Likewise, you’d better get into Fantasy Kingdoms! Those folks are being a huge help, so let’s give back, ok? Today’s “level” isn’t really a level, but a whole game! It’s Holiday Lemmings!

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HEY EVERYONE! IT’S FRENCH TOAST’S BIRTHDAY! You need to give him the most glorious present of all; ATTENTION! I grudgingly decided to make something for him, since he is like 17 years younger than me and kids these days need moral support. Even unfunny bearded dork kids who tell the worst jokes ever written >( But he’s not getting a present without a fight; the colors here are so eye-melting that he’ll probably be blind before his next birthday.

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