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Kenka Bancho Creator Making a Teacher Game

Gachitora! is about an ex-yakuza who for reasons we don’t currently know has to become a teacher and teach a classroom full of kids from a Popstar to a Punk. While you are really just talking to the students to solve their problems these problems are represented by physical things that you can beat down. So it’s not incredibly different than Kenka Bancho but still that story sounds crazy. Other than the beat-em-up part of the game there are also mini-games such as quizzes and sports that help you solve the teen’s problems. Of course the game is going to be on the PSP next spring in Japan.


MGS: Peace Walker News At The VGA’s

Smug videogame man extrodianare Geoff Kieghly is bragging all up and down the street about the numerous videogame reveals planned for the VGA’s tommorow. He like’s doing it so much that he actually made a video expressing it. In this video there is a 1 second flash of the Peace Walker logo as Geoff says that he doesen’t want to give anything away. The popular theory is a PS3 port of the PSP game, but it could be a sequel, or some DLC, or even just a subsistence style re-release.

(Source: 1up.com)


Way of the Samurai 4

So Spike and Acquire are teaming up yet again for part 4 in the Way of the Samurai series.

This game is set in a harbour town back when Japan first opened it’s doors to foreigners and focuses on 3 main groups who compete for control: the government through Hikaru Kotobuki, the isolationalists through Reddo Akagi and the foreigners through Jet Jenkins. There are 3 selections of characters: youth, young man and middle aged man.

The game will include a mix of story, combat and event scenes just like the previous titles except this one claims to be longer. The event scenes will contain more elements and the combat promises some major changes from past entries but details are being kept quiet.

Just like all the others, part 4 will be out on the PS3 first, being released this Winter in Japan. Although there has not been a date set for the xbox 360 version or for anywhere outside of Japan, but it will come soon.

(Source: IGN)

Suda 51 Interested in Working with Killer 7 and Michigan Franchises Again

North American gamers just recently got the sequel to one of Suda 51’s more popular games, No More Heroes. No More Heroes is probably one of Suda’s best selling games, and even then it didn’t sell a boat load of units.

Suda 51 has quite a history of titles. While many of these titles haven’t done well in the market, Suda 51 is still interested in going back and revisiting some of them.

I think that it would be very interesting to create something like Michigan again in the future – it could be really good,” said Suda 51. “I still talk to Sakurai-san, who is the president of Spike Games which was the publisher of Michigan. They’re also interested in making a game like that again in the future.

Suda 51 was also asked about another cult hit of his, Killer 7. “If I had the chance, that would be great too!

Michigan has a better chance then Killer 7 since it seems as Suda actually has a publisher interested. Hopefully we will be hearing from these franchises in the future!

(Source: Electronictheatre)