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Blizzard is Going to Start Beta Testing Starcraft 2 Patches

Blizzard has had Beta test servers for WoW for quite some time, but this is a bit of a new thing for a competitive RTS. It makes perfect sense however considering the weight with which each of these changes carry’s for so many pro players. As Starcraft 2 continues to propel the popularity of Starcraft as an E-Sport and the money at stake continues to grow I think we will see longer breaks in between patches and even more rigorous testing of the changes.

I don’t know about any of the users here, but I have been watching the GSL and I am incredibly excited that the foreigner LiquidJinro from Sweden has made it in.

Four New Starcraft 2 Mods Announced

Earlier today at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced four new mods for StarCraft 2: StarJeweled, Left 2 Die, Aiur Chef, and Blizzard DOTA.

Blizzard DOTA is spiritual successor to Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients. According to Sigatay, this version will be comprised h heroes from various Blzzard games, like Super Smash Bros. The demo showed many characters from both StarCraft and WoW (including Blizzard’s “mascot”, a Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain.

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Starcraft II Hackers to be Sued by Blizzard

If the 5,000 Starcraft cheaters getting busted by Blizzard wasn’t a pretty good indication that Blizzard takes cheating VERY seriously, than this sure is:

Blizzard announced today that they will be suing several cheat makers responsible for the incident, namely “Permaphrost”, “Cranix”, “Linuxawesome.” They are being charged with multiple accounts of copyright infringement.

Blizzard has stated that: “Just days after the release of Starcraft II, Defendants already had developed, marketed, and distributed to the public a variety of hacks and cheats designed to modify (and in fact destroy) the Starcraft II online game experience. In fact, on the very day that Starcraft II was released, representatives of the hacks Web site advised members of the public that ‘our staff is already planning new releases for this game.'”

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Chase’s StarCraft 2 Gameplay!

Sorry about the wait guys! We were having some issues with rendering and what not but the next videos I create will be in much better quality don’t worry. Nothing too special about this video its just some online StarCraft 2 gameplay of me and a friend in some 2v2’s. The main point of this video for me though is to get your guys feedback on the video to see what you do like and what other kind of content I should attempt creating that you would enjoy. Also thanks to Jamesdh17 for all the help in creating the video, you rock man. Well here you go guys!

Videos are after the break!

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Pre-Order Star Craft 2 at Gamestop and Join The Beta

If you didn’t get into the initial Beta test invites for StarCraft 2, it seems you may be able to get in another way.

Gamestop is now offering free Beta codes for StarCraft 2 when you pre-order the game. You can preorder the game instore or online to get a Beta key.

If you are thinking about preordering StarCraft 2, be sure to take a look at the Collector’s Edition.

(Source: Destructoid)

StarCraft 2 Collector’s Edition Announced

StarCraft 2 is going to be big when it comes out. What do you do with big games get? Give them Collector’s Editions of course! Blizzard if offering you a chance to get some StarCraft Swag when you pick up your copy of StarCraft 2.

For just $99.99 you will get yourself a lovely art book with 176 pages of, of course,  art work, a 2GB flash drive that is a replica of Jim Raynor’s dog tag which comes with both the original StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War preloaded, a behind the scenes DVD, a sound track with music from the game and bonus tracks, a StarCraft comic book, a copy of StarCraft 2, and a special box that it all comes in.

You will also get some lovely digital content as well including a exclusive Thor mini in-game pet for World of Warcraft and exclusive battle.net content.

The game will cost $60 stand alone, so you get quite a bit of swag for an extra $40.

You can check out the lovely box it all comes in after the jump.

(Source: Destructoid)

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