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Starcraft 2 Mod Targeted by Blizzard

Over the last few days, the Starcraft 2 mod, World of Starcraft (which feature elements from both WoW and Starcraft 2 ) has certainly gained a lot of attention. So much so, in fact, that Blizzard noticed gameplay videos on Youtube and took them down due to copyright infringement.

Blizzard’s lawyers also contacted Ryan Winzell, the man behind the mod, but it was later clarified that Blizzard didn’t have an issue with the mod itself, but they felt the name of the game was too similar to that of their own. Winzell will be supposedly meeting with Blizzard to discuss changing the title of the Mod.

On top of that, they noted that the removal of the Youtube videos was just “standard procedure”, and are interested as to what the Mod entails.

Ryan Winzell has also gained quite a reputation from all of this, and was even offered a job in video game design for Riot games in Los Angeles.

If only we could be so lucky…

(Source: CVG)

Blizzard Lawsuit : Korean Broadcast of Starcraft

Looks like Blizzard is on the road to another lawsuit.

Back in August, Blizzard signed a contract with GomTV which allowed them to have the rights to broadcast Starcraft II on their television network.  However, two other Korean networks [MBC Game and OnGameNet] signed no such contract, and have been airing Starcraft II tournaments on their respective networks.  Therefore, Blizzard CEO Paul Sams has filed for lawsuits against these companies for lacking the rights to broadcast Starcraft II, and has been considering a lawsuit against e-Sports Players Association, which manages the tournaments that are being broadcast.

Those on the defense are arguing that Starcraft II is part of the “public domain” [AKA: Not covered by intellectual right laws], and that Blizzard has no right or standing for the lawsuits.  Blizzard, on the other hand, is arguing that their massive amounts of investment in the product , and classifying ANY type of gaming sport as such would be infringing upon the intellectual rights of designers, and would hurt future profits of the company.  Blizzard states that it would eliminate and/or weaken the desires of game designers to create any sort of multi-player feature.

Source:  Joystiq

Starcraft II:Heart of the Swarm May Not Make 2011

Yes, I’m just as disappointed in reading that title as you are.

Developers say they would be “hard pressed” to complete and release the expansion pack to Starcraft II by 2011, and Battle.net directors alluded to an early 2012 release.  Although 2011 isn’t out of the running, it’s best to not get ones hopes up.  Then again, we waited how long for Starcraft II itself?  [/angrily glances at Blizzard]

Souce:  Joystiq

Blizzard Files Lawsuit Against Hackers

Remember those couple hundred bans that got handed out over at BattleNet earlier this month?  Looks like the guys behind the hacking design are getting a lawsuit filed against them in a Los Angeles State Court from Blizzard [a similar WOW related lawsuit brought nearly 6 million dollars in damages] for creating, distributing and selling Starcraft II hacks.

Blizzard states that the hackers “cause[d] serious harm to the value of StarCraft II,” by limiting the ability “to enjoy and participate in the competitive online experience.”

Personally, this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of.

Just taking the profits from the hacks and redistributing it to Blizzard as damages, as well as confiscating any and all hardware/software and permanently banning them from buying/playing any future Blizzard games could have solved this.  A lawsuit, which can potentially ruin/destroy these 3 lives [financially/socially/legally] is far overreaching what needed to happen.  While I don’t feel sorry for them [they obviously knew what they were doing is wrong], I do feel like they’re getting a raw end of the deal.

Source: Joystiq

Going Beyond The Call : Starcraft II

Welcome to a new kind of blog experience.  As a gamer, I always wish to try new and interesting things, and as a writer, I wish for you to experience many different types of columns.

The experiment:  Play/buy a video game that I know NOTHING about and have zero prior experience with.  Write about my experience and how I would rate the game/story/series!  Profit?

This week’s experiment took me into deep space, and the tactical RTS game known only as Starcraft II.  Join me after the jump as I talk about my experiences with Medusa Clones, a cliche’ story and surprisingly nice multi-player experiences.

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Shrinking the Gamer’s Head : Battling Addiction?

South Korean psychiatrists recently discovered that a popular anti-depressant seems to have a somewhat odd effect on gamers, in that it helps “cure” them of their “addiction” to Starcraft.

The drug, known as Bupropion [aka: Welbutrin ] was recently used in a study to confirm or deny the allegation that it was able to curb the “urges” to play Starcraft.  Total gaming time was down by 35.4 percent, whilst gamers reported a 23.6 percent reduction in cravings.  Psychiatrists were elated at the results, and gladly pronounced the study a success.

The study originally began as a means of helping combat South Korea’s population, which had a whopping two million of its residents addicted to the Internet and online gaming.  The addiction going as far as to causing divorces between married couples, and general unrest in family and social life.

Alongside curbing the urge to “Zerg it up”, the antidepressant was also reported as a means of assisting smokers addicted to cigarettes.

Although, the release of Starcraft II, the very existence of the World of Warcraft and its ever expanding empire will probably ruin hundreds of thousands of research dollars.  Way to go Blizzard.  Way to go.

[Author’s Note:  Do not, under any circumstances, treat this as medical advice that you should take. TSG, myself, and the sourced website are not doctors, are not psychiatrists, and have zero desire for you to try/attempt this drug to cure any addictions you feel you may have.  All medications have side effects that can be potentially dangerous to your health.   If you feel you have a problem, please consult a doctor/psychiatrist and not a random blogger.  Please and thank you.  :D]

Source: GossipGamer

Top 5 games to play while at school

It’s the night before the first day of class for many of us. Away from our gaming setups we must go into the halls of our schools. No more long summer afternoons of playing games for hours on in. Our raid schedules will take a hit until our next lengthy holiday. Just because you’re away at class during the day doesn’t mean you can’t get some quality gaming in. Here’s my list of top 5 games to play while away at school.

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