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Steel Diver Surfacing in Europe This May

Have a 3DS but no submarine games to play on it? If you’re in North America,  that’s not a problem! In Europe, there’s nothing yet! What will you do? Perhaps Steel Diver can help when it launches May 6th in Europe.


This undersea 3DS adventure features Captains, Dantes, a beard and Cruzs. Cruz plural is Cruzs. Is that enough for a purchase? You should watch my review and find out!  So until May 6th, loop my review infinitely until you make your purchasing decision.

Video Review: Steel Diver (Update)

Ever wonder what it feels like to dive using steel? Possibly a submarine made of steel? Steel Diver will fill your needs… Maybe. One of the three launch titles from Nintendo, Steel Diver takes players under the sea by allowing them to take control of their very own submarine. But is this promise enough to warrant a purchase?


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One Last Set of Pilot Wings, Nintendogs, and Steel Diver Trailers

Still haven’t decided which of the three Nintendo titles to pick up launch day with the Nintendo 3DS? Here’s one last round of trailers to try to help you decide! There’s a good two to three minutes of footage for each game.


Which of the three will you be picking up?


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