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Yun and Yang confirmed to be the new characters for Super Street Fighter IV

After much speculation, the famous twins from Street Fighter 3, Yun and Yang have been confirmed to be the two new characters that will be added to the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV whichwill later be released as DLC on the console versions. For those not aware, Yun and Yang were first introduced in Street Fighter 3 and with their unique ansatsuken fighting style similar to that of Gen from SFIV, they became the Ryu and Ken of the game in terms of their intresting fighting style and awesome theme music. From the current playtests that have been running in Japanese arcades, it seems the characters are mostly unchanged from their SFIII counterparts apart from some obvious balancing being done to make the characters less broken (Yun in particular was considered to be the best character in the game). Location test footage after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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Get 30% off on Street Fighter IV for the iPhone; Capcom Asking for Most Wanted Character for DLC

To celebrate the release of Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom will be slashing the price of Street Fighter IV on the iPhone to $6.99 for the next three days.

In addition to this announcement, Capcom is asking fans for what characters they would like to see on Street Fighter IV on the iPhone. Cammy is already on the way via DLC. So if you want your favorite character in the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV, toss a comment over on Capcom’s Unity Blog.

Cammy Added Via DLC to iPhone Version of Street Fighter IV

If you thought the character roster was a bit light on the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV, there is some good new.

Capcom confirmed today that Cammy will be on the way via DLC. Thankfully, the content comes at the best price of all – free! But as of right now, Capcom has not announced when the character will be available or whether or not more characters will be on the way.

You can check out some screen shots and some gameplay after the jump.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Britt’s review of the title.

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Street Fighter IV iPhone pricing details revealed; character roster revealed

Next month you will be able to take Street Fighter IV on the go with your iPhone after paying the lovey $10 price tag for the title. Not a bad asking price, especially when players might be hesitant to pay more with the touch screen controls.

The character roster, which you may have already seen in IGN’s video, consists of eight fighters. Ryu, Ken, Guile, Blanka, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, M. Bison and Abel all made the jump to the portable version. Capcom has yet to comment on if they will be adding more fighters down the line.

(Source: GamePro)

Street Fighter IV could head to PSP

Capcom’s Natsuki Shiozawa recently held a Question and Answer session on her blog. There she answered questions from fans. One of the questions asked about the possibility of a PSP port of the title, she responded saying that her and many other team members has intrests in creating a port to the PlayStation Portable.

Especially with the announcement of the port to iPhone, it doesn’t seem that unlikely. And ports of console fighters  to the PSP isn’t anything new with the upcoming BlazBlue Portable heading to the system and the already released Tekken 6.

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Two new Street Fighter IV characters revealed through screen shots

Rumors have been going around about  a Super Street Fighter IV and while we had  evidence T.Hawk might be in it, some screen shots have surfaced  which confirms him along with another character, Juri.

The screen shots were found via Destructoid from JV247 who apparently had release the screen shots early.  But from what I can tell, JV247’s site is currently down.