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inFAMOUS 2 Review


You are Cole MacGrath, the ‘Demon’ of Empire City. You unwittingly set off an explosion that leveled 5 city blocks, killed tens of thousands of people and started the worldwide spread of a lethal plague that just might be the end of humanity. It also gave you, as well as a few select others, superpowers. One of them is now a gigantic monstrocity, a manifestation of chaos that grows stronger with every life it extinguishes as it carves its way down the Eastern Coast of the US, following your evacuation to New Marais, Louisiana.You made this mess and have the ability to do something about it, but will you?

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Sucker Punch Takes a Step Back

It was revealed from Sucker Punch, during Sony’s session at Comic-Con, that the new and friendlier looking Cole  would not be starring in the game Infamous 2, as originally announced.    Developers stated that they wished to create Cole much in the same manner as he was in the first game, hoping to stay more in line with his original personality and quirks.  Oh, and his frowning.  Gotta have the frowning.

At Gamescon, we were given our very first peek at the “new” “new” Cole.  Take a peek at the before/after pics, as well as the new trailer for Infamous 2 from Gamescon after the jump.