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A while ago someone pointed me to a DeviantArt group called “Ultimate Battle Frontier.” It’s a weird little contest wherein you submit a Pokémon trainer character and then have that trainer compete in challenges against other characters. Basically it’s one big OC development exercise, which I am a massive, massive sucker for. I was encouraged to join, but considering all the other stuff I have to do, my one personal rule was “only if I can knock out the artwork quickly and with as little regard to quality as possible.” I figured this type of thing might be entertaining to TSG’s fans, so I decided to go for it.

The trainer is mostly based on the monumentally stupid decisions I’ve made when playing Pokémon, with some crazy backstory thrown in because hey, gotta give the people something to make up for the cornball art, right? ENTER THE WORLD OF KING REX CAESAR AFTER THE CUT!

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