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Blaster Master: Overdrive heading to WiiWare in NA tomorrow

If you have already finished the original Blaster Master which was recently put on the Virtual Console and are looking for more, then be prepared for tomarrow’s Nintendo Download.

Sunsoft has announced that Blaster Master: Overdrive, a re-imagining of the original title, will be hitting WiiWare tomorrow. The title retains the same classic gameplay of the original title, but will all new visuals.

Again, the title will be available in North America starting tomorrow for 1,000 points.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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Sunsoft acquires Telenet Japan’s entire software library

Sunsoft, who recently rose from the dead in the US market, purchased all of the rights to Telenet Japan’s titles. The now defunct company made many games for the NES, SNES, Genesis / Megadrive, Turbo Graphix 16 and other platforms. Some of their titles include the Valis series,  the Cosmic Fantasy series, Exile, and Tenshi no Uta (Poems of the Angel).

Sunsoft plans on releasing many of Telenet Japan’s titles on the Wii’s Virtual Console and on other platforms. On top of releasing the localized titles they plan on bringing Telenet Japan’s Japanese only titles over to North America as well.

Sunsoft is also looking into making remakes for these classic titles, so except more then just regular ports as well.

Sunsoft returns to North America, bringing Blaster Master for VC

When thinking classic NES titles I’m sure many of you can name one or more Sunsoft titles. While the company has still existed in Japan, the North American branch was, and has remained, shut down. That changes today though with the announcement of their return to the North American market with the help of Gaijinworks, who localized Miami Law.

Sunsoft’s first title to celebrate their return to the North American market will be the NES classic Blaster Master for the Virtual Console. You can expect Blaster Master to be available some time this month.

Sunsoft has said that in the next few weeks they will be announcing titles that will “surprise and delight gaming fans.” Be sure to keep your eyes open for some surprising and delightful news from Sunsoft in the coming weeks.

(Source: GoNintendo)