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Super Meat Boy Tracks to appear on Rock Band

I’m as amazed as you are.

The composer of the cult XBLA/Steam hit Super Meat Boy Danny Baranowsky confirmed today that The Battle of Lil’ Slugger, Can O’ Salt and a remix of Betus Blues will be appearing as DLC for Rock Band Network 2.0. When talking to Joystiq about the rather unusual annoucement, Danny said in response:

“I wanted to have some stuff in there for the people who delight in 100-percenting expert Dragonforce,” threatened Baranowsky – who also wrote the music for iPhone indie hit Canabalt. There is no word of a release date however Danny assured Rock Band masochists that the tracks should be out sometime in the future. In other Meat Boy news, a new level pack will be due to the Xbox 360. and the Level editor will be released for the PC version any day now.

Source: (Joystiq)