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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gameplay Videos, 2 Player Details, and More

The Japanese Super Mario Galaxy 2 website has quite a bit of new info and media.

First up, the website revealed details on the upgraded 2 player mode in Super Mario Galaxy 2. As in the first title, one player controls Mario using the Wii Remote and Nun-chuck while the second player assists just using a Wii Remote. This time around, the second player will play as a Luma. At this point, exactly what the second player can do is unknown. He appears to be physically in the environment, where in the first Super Mario Galaxy you were simply a star on the screen.

Story details were revealed as well.  Here is a quick summary from the website translated.

This is one more stardust fairytale. Only once in a hundred years does stardust fall on the mushroom kingdom. As such, Peach invites Mario to the castle to watch. On his way over, Mario spots a mysterious light. He cautiously approaches it, and finds… a small, lost baby star. The star – ‘Baby Chico’ – follows Mario to the castle, but what is waiting for them there is…

You can check out the new gameplay videos on the Super Mario Galaxy 2 website by clicking the top left icon on this page. There are four gameplay videos, so be sure to check them out.

Also somewhat worth noting is that the Japanese release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is shipping with a DVD titled “My First Super Mario Galaxy 2.” Based off the title, it sounds like a basic instructional DVD for new gamers. Whether it is actually a DVD or a Wii specific disc is unknown at the moment.

(Story Translation: GoNintendo)
(DVD Details Source: GoNintendo)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer #3

While we saw new levels at Nintendo’s Media Summit in February, we had yet to hear about any new power ups. But today, Nintendo released a trailer to remedy that situation.

The trailer, which show off plenty of gameplay footage as well,  revealed a new power up for Mario – The Rock powerup. This allows Mario to turn into a rock and boulder around. There is also a Yoshi that acts somewhat as a flash light. Old power ups from the original Super Mario Galaxy return too with the Fire Flower, Ghost Mario, and Bee Mario.

The trailer also shows off new levels and how Mario gets from one galaxy to another. He basically flies a giant planet of his head. At least from the trailer, it only looks like a visual representation of where Mario is at. Whether or not you actually get to fly it at any point is unknown.

You can check out the trailer after the jump.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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Get Credit on Amazon for Pre-ordering Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Other Titles

If you’re looking into buying Super Mario Galaxy 2, which would probably be most of you, and live in the US then you might want to look into purchasing your copy from Amazon.com.

Amazon is offering $20 in video game credit to those who pre-order their copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. The $20 can be used for any future video game related purchases on amazon.

But if Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn’t suit your fancy, Amazon is offering $10 in video game credit for Monster Hunter Tri and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

The credit will be available for you to use within 2 days after the game has shipped.

(Source: Siliconera)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 To Have Over 240 Stars?

While Super Mario Galaxy technically has 242 stars, it looks like we might be getting a significant increase in stars this time around according to Miyamoto.

When talking about the game’s increased difficulty, Miyamoto said that the game will have over 240 stars. “In the end, we are going to have more than 240 stars for you to obtain, and we think it’s going to be challenging for any and all gamers.

It wasn’t exactly clear what Miyamoto was saying, but I don’t think Miyamoto would push it as a difficulty factor unless he meant 240 separate stars. Although it could just simply be the same way the original Super Mario Galaxy added up to over 240 stars.

Hopefully it won’t be the latter. 240 stars would basically double the length of a single play through.

(Source: GoNintendo)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Drops World Hub; Nintendo Scrapped Super Mario Galaxy 1.5

Super Mario Galaxy’s hub world played little purpose; mainly acting as buffer as you walked from one world to another. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is doing away with the hub though for a more focused experience.

We want players to focus on the joy of the action instead of getting to each game course,” said Miyamoto.

We want them to understand as easy as possible where they should go next and which places they should go back to in order to get access to the remaining stars.”

Some might view Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a Super Mario Galaxy 1.5, but Miyamoto said at one point they did create a literal 1.5 that was scrapped.

As soon as the project (Super Mario Galaxy) was over, we started making something that we might call version 1.5. We did things like moving or adding stars to levels that were already available. As we made progress with this 1.5, we realized that there were too many things to fit into a version 1.5. That made us realize we should start from scratch and make Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is launching this May in North America and this June in Europe.

(Hub Source: TheLostGamer)
(Galaxy 1.5 source: Game Informer)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 screen shots and trailer

This is our first look at Super Mario Galaxy 2 in almost a year. The game is definitely shaping up to be a great looking game on the system. It looks as, if not more, visually creative then the first title.

Again, for the third post in a row, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is hitting on May 23rd. Screen shots and trailer are after the jump.

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Rumor: Sonic to be playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2

According to Ngamer Magazine, Sonic is set to appear in the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Tweet readsWe’ve just had some shocking news from an inside source at Nintendo: Sonic will be a playable character in Mario Galaxy 2! Wha?

They later tweeted that Sonic would have his own galaxy called the “Green Hill Galaxy.

I’m not sure what to think of this. This is their official twitter linked to their website CVG. They said that this information comes from a trusted source, but I don’t know. Sounds a bit out there, but at the same time Nintendo and SEGA are pretty close, especially when it comes to the Sonic franchise.

What do you think? Do you want to see Sonic and Mario team up in Super Mario Galaxy 2?