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Binding of Issac Details Revealed

The new side-project coming from Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy fame sounds amazing. he revealed some details on how the rouge-like action game is going to be structured. Like most rogue-likes all of the ares are randomly generated, but the game has 6 worlds each that will most likely have it’s own unique style. The core gameplay is like a mix between an RPG and Robotron. Where you are finding items that buff your stats and are also mostly stackable which could lead to some insane stat bonuses. Each room will also have what Edmund is calling micro-puzzles that use some basic key items that will appear in rooms like bombs that you will have to use to get to the next area.

It seems very cool and it’s looking like it will be a quick PC only release on steam. He doesn’t have the price set just yet, but I don’t expect it will be very expensive.

Team Meat’s McMillen Working on The Binding Of Issac

One half of the men behind the critically and fan acclaimed Super Meat Boy has announced that he is working on a new game titled The Binding of Issac. We don’t know alot about it yet except that he is working with Florian Himsl who made Coil and the venereal disease game, C Word and Danny Baranowsky who worked on the score for Super Meat Boy.

The Binding of Issac is planned to be a much smaller game and has nothing to do with Team Meats “Feature Length” game that they are currently working on. The most information we have about the actual contents of The Binding of Issac is that it’s a play on McMillen’s favorite game of all time.



Super Meat Boy Vinyls Ready to Buy

The little skinless boy with the girlfriend made of bandages captured our hearts and minds last year with the fantastic little platformer, Super Meat Boy. There are some new Vinyl figurines of Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, Tofu Boy, and Brownie that stand at about 2 inches tall and look adorable. They have movable arms so you can pose them a small amount. Their movement is limited considering that they are squares with smaller squares for arms and legs. Still would like mighty cool on your desk while you do whatever you do and you can order them from Voxelous here. As I write this post, however, they are currently on back-order, but they should have some more in today. You an check out some pictures of them after the jump.


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140 New PC Levels for Super Meat Boy

The bonus chapter of Super Meat Boy, Super Meat World, has finally been unlocked in the PC version of Super Meat Boy. The chapter launched with 140 levels and will later allow PC users to access user made levels. Team Meat has also announced that the Level Editor available only on PC will enter into a public beta for users to mess around with. All of this is completly free to anyone who bought Super Meat Bo or ever will buy Super Meat Boy on PC and they will be adding features as they see fit.


Super Meat Boy “Ultra Edition” hits NA for $20 this April

While the awesome people over at Team Meat discuss how they have given up hope of a WiiWare version of the game and how Super Meat Boy consumed their lives, They also announced the release that the Retail release of Super Meat Boy would be hitting America this April (It was released first in Russia of all places). The retail release will contain the game (obviously), The soundtrack with additional audio samples (For people like me who listen to The Battle of Lil’ Slugger WAY too much for their own good), a 40 page instruction book containing never before seen illustrations, An exclusive mini poster, Behind the scenes info and extended version of the Super Meat Boy comics that were given away at E3. There is no word on the release of the special edition in other countries however with enough pestering on Twitter such goals can be achieved.

Source: (Joystiq)

Team Meat discusses possibilities for next title

With the success of the Super Meat Boy, Team Meat is already considering ideas for their next title. In an interview with GameInformer, Team Meat discusses that they don’t want to make another platformer but they would rather diversify themselves into another genre. “We’ve farmed this. It’s done. There’s no more coming out of us,” McMillen said in the interview. In fact, the duo’s next game could very well be dynamically generated, a brawler, a shooter, or something more casual, and could end up on a handheld — but “not like iPhone or anything,”. The also said that they don’t want to make their next game harder than Super Meat Boy however development is under way and anything can happen in the future.

Source: (Game Informer)

In Soviet Russia, Super Meat Boy Retail Cover makes you!

Old internet memes aside, Team Meat announced today that Russia will be the first country to recieve the PC retail edition of Super Meat Boy. To celebrate this, Team Meat are giving any budding Russian artists the oppotunity to design the front cover for the game. The cover must be a 709x7o9 image created using a pack of images that can be found in the source of this article. To anyone interested, I’ll leave the video right here.

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WiiWare Version Of Super Meat Boy Cancelled

While the game might not be completely cancelled on the Wii it won’t be downloadable. Due to some size restrictions enforced by Nintendo Super Meat Boy simply can’t be delivered through the WiiWare service. The guys over at team meat have been struggling with this since they released the game on Xbox Live and are looking into the possibility of selling it on a disc.

(Source: 1up)

Super Meat Boy PC receiving additional content January 2011

Remember that one game with the piece of meat running through lots of stages to rescue his girlfriend from a fetus? That’s getting a level editor now! In a post made of Team Meat’s blog, they confirmed that the PC version of Super Meat Boy would get a variety of bonuses; A level editor, an online level portal, Super Meat World and an oppotunity to Enter the Unknown. Details after the Jump.

Source: (Eurogamer)

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Super Meat Boy On PC Will Have Verdian From VVVVVV

Super Meat Boy recently released on Xbox 360 Live Arcade and has seen great success so far. The game is an exceptionally hard platformer with very tight controls. You can play the original flash game over on Newgrounds right now if you want to see what it’s like. Super Meat Boy adds ton’s of levels and a bunch of unlockable extra characters from other indie games such as Braid, I Wanna Be The Guy, and  Mighty Jill Off. The PC version is getting a few extra characters in the for of Veridian from VVVVVV. He retains the same ability he had in that game being able to flip gravity instead of jump. They are also adding Mr.Minecraft, the default character from the popular PC sandbox, to the game. No word on what his powers are but I would assume he can make platforms.

The links I have provided will take you straight to the games mentioned if you are at all interested.

(Source: 1up)