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Super Monkey Ball 3D Monkey Race Trailer

If you’re looking for variety in your launch game for Nintendo 3DS Super Monkey Ball 3D definitely has a lot of it. It has the usual Super Monkey Ball experience, but also Monkey Fight and Monkey Race. That’s, at least, three different game modes in one title.


The trailer specifically shows Monkey Race. A bit disappointing since it looks like it plays like a standard kart racer. The title will feature four players via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection so you can tackle players around the world!


Super Monkey Ball 3D will be available launch day, so less than a week left!


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New Super Monkey Ball 3D Screens

If you’re picking up the Nintendo 3DS day one, you’re bound to be hungry for software. But what software is there for you to consume? Well, alongside 17 other titles, there will be Super Monkey Ball 3D!

After the jump you can find a bunch of new screens for the title, ranging from standard Monkey Ball gameplay, to Monkey Fight and even Monkey Racing. If you want a¬†extremely¬†diverse experience on 3DS, Super Monkey Ball 3D sounds like a good bet. Although the quality of each of those experiences may be questionable. We’ll let you know if we get a chance to review it.

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