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Capcom Costume Conumdrum

For PS3 owners of Super Street Fighter IV, you might have noticed a lack of preview functions for the latest release of costume DLC.  Xbox360 owners, however, have a full preview functionality.  Capcom has finally shed some light on the situation.  Essentially, Microsoft covered the costs included in transferring the data to the game owners.  Sony, however, did not.  Because Capcom does not wish to foot the bill, PS3 owners should refer to google before purchase.

Source:  EverythingForGamers

Japanese Club Nintendo offers Super Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack

For a mere 300 points Japanese Club Nintendo members can get the entire 70 song, two disc, Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack. We can only hope that this comes state side and we can enjoy this for ourselves. I would cash in every single one of my points for this as a huge fan of game music and especially the quality of the first game and now the second games soundtracks.

How many of you are foaming at the mouth right now.

(Source: 1up.com)