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Way Forward Wants You Fighting Robot T-Rexs in Space on DSiWare

Way Forward, developers behind Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, are planning a new title for the service soon. While they haven’t officially announced it yet, the ESRB has rated it and given the game a description. And it sounds pretty awesome.

This is an action-puzzle game in which players help a green-skinned alien navigate toward warp portal exits. Players avoid hazards (e.g., pink puff balls, electric barriers) and create planets to use as jumping platforms. At the end of each level, players must dodge laser beams shot from a robotic T-Rex; the dinosaur sinks off-screen amid small explosions when defeated.

Pink puff balls in space? Yeah! that’s awesome!

We still don’t know when the title will be coming, or even announced. But considering this is DSiWare and it is already rated, probably soon.

(Source: GoNintendo)