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Tales of Graces Fan Translation Disbanded

The Impact of Namco’s Surprising decision to bring Tales of Graces F over to the US has made a lot of Tales Fans very happy as it contradicts Namco’s previous views of never bringing out their other Japanese titles (Unless you’re European in which case it sucks to be you). Due to these revelations, the fan translation group who started translating the game almost immedietly after their last project (Fatal Frame IV), confirmed that their translation is now being disbanded. While it’s nice to see that Namco listened to the fans for once, it’s a shame that thousands of hours have been lost from people who worked very hard giving the Tales fans what they wanted in the first place. The good news is that work is still under way on their Tales of Vesperia PS3 translation which is gaining momentum with the cancelation of the Graces Translation. Either way, the teams material for Graces is still up on their site (Including a translated version of the Graces F PS3 demo) And further infomation can be found in the source box for this article.

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Tales of Graces heading to Europe this summer

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World had a rough time getting to Europe only making the jump in October of last year. Thankfully Namco Bandai will be on top of the release of the next entry in the series on Wii , Tales of Graces.

Official Nintendo Magazine featured a few upcoming titles for Wii and Tales of Graces was on it listed as a “Summer 2010” release. That’s quite the large window, but at the very least Namco Bandai intends on bringing the sequel to Europe’s shores fairly soon.

The magazine scan is after the jump.

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Namco Bandai puts a little Tales of Vesperia into Tales of Graces

It might be awhile till North America sees Tales of Graces release and possibly even longer for Europe since Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World won’t arrive till November. Over in Japan though Tales of Graces is right around the corner getting ready for a December 10th release on the Wii.

As a preorder bonus for the title Japanese gamers will recieve a code that will let you unlock Tales of Vesperia costumes for the main characters. A video (which you can see after the jump) shows that the clothes will show up in cutscenes as well as during gameplay.  It is probably safe to assume that when the title heads out of Japan we will be able to download it as well in one way or another if it isn’t already in the final localized build.

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