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Rumour: Tales of the Abyss 3DS coming to Europe Spring 2012

Tales of the Abyss was part of Namco’s crtically acclaimed Tales of series, a JRPG series that is well known for its Linear Motion Battle System, unique characters and its managed to become a staple of the Japanese RPG genre. Abyss is considered to be one of the best games in the series, self proclaimed by its fans who managed to get hold of the Japanese or American versions. As with Legendia, Abyss never saw a release over in Europe for unknown reasons and when the news hit that a 3DS port was in the works, European Tales fans were excited of a possible announcement. It seems that for the first time, hoep has finally arrived! After the confirmation of Tales of the Abyss 3DS was to be released in North America alongside the animé distributed by Funimations and the official manga, UK magazine Ngamer listed the game for a Spring 2012 release. This placement is quite reassuring as Ngamer have always been very accurate when it comes to infomation (They were the first piece of media to confirm that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was coming to the Revolution (What’s more commonly known as the Wii)) and this infomation was told directly by Namco Bandai themselves. Unfortunatly, Spring 2012 is a rather long time to wait for a game that Japan and America is expected to get this summer however considering the amount of games that the UK has been deprived of, we’ll take anything we can get.

Source: (GoNintendo)

Next Tales of game concept art released

The next Tales of game (not Tales of Unitia as many people thought it was called) will mark the 15th anniversary of the Tales of studio and will be a PS3 exclusive. Details of the game are scarce however earlier today, some new concept art has been released showing some of the various areas in the game. The style of the game seems to be darker than previous entries in the series, probably going for more of a Vesperia look with a very open world though I’ll let you be the judges of that. Concept art shown after the jump.

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Tales of Graces F and Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3 Trailers

While we had heard a lot of talking when it comes to the latest Tales announcements, we hadn’t seen any solid footage or screenshots aside from a few scans. And while we will be left without any in-game media for PlayStation 3 original Tales title, we do get a quick look at Tales of Graces F and Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3.

A bit of a warning, I’m not sure if the Tales of Graces F trailer contains a major spoiler or not for the original Tales of Graces. It could be something that happens right at the start of the game, but it looks like it could also be taking place in the new chapter that takes place after the original Tales of Graces’ story. Watch at your own risk. But if you do risk it, you get to see what the game looks like running on a PlayStation 3.

(Via: andriasang)

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More Tales Series Localization Talk, Tales of Graces F Details and More

Namco Bandai dropped a ton of new Tales titles recently. And while there is still no sign of the localizations of the titles, Namco Bandai did release a statement saying that they were looking into the new releases and the possibilities of localizing them. The only exception was Tales of Graces, which Namco Bandai said they had no plans on localizing.

Namco Bandai followed this up with another statement recently on their Facebook account The post was essentially identicle to the previous, but instead read “Unfortunately we do not have any plans to localize the series at this time.” The post was pulled shortly after, but of course not before the internet could grab the post and spread the word.

The real difference here is the mention of no plans on localizing “the series” rather then the previous Tales of Graces.  Whether or not the comment actually means something is anyone’s guess.

On a better note, Namco Bandai has talked more about their upcoming Tales releases for the PS3, including the PS3 port of Tales of Graces. Tales of Graces F, as it is called on PS3, will include an all new after story for the title. This doesn’t seem to just be some extra cut-scene at the end or anything either. It is a full playable section of the game. Reports claim that the extra story contains 3/4ths the amount of voice acting as the original title, almost doubling the voice acting for the title.

While Namco Bandai still hasn’t said anything about the all new Tales title on the platform, they did put up a teaser site for the title. The site has a countdown timer with a full 135 days until its reveal. Namco Bandai also released the art we saw in Jump magazine before along with a handful of smaller pieces of art on the teaser site. You can check those out after the jump.

(Teaser Site: andriasang)
(Facebook Post: Tales Union)
(Tales of Graces F Details: Siliconera)

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Tales of Graces PS3, Two New Tales Titles, Localization Talks and More

Over the past week, Namco Bandai has been talking a lot about the Tales series. Most of the announcements are good, but Namco Bandai also has said a couple of things fans should worry about.

First up, the Japanese only Wii exclusive, Tales of Graces, is getting ported to PlayStation 3 under the title Tales of Graces F. This title will include all new abilities, story cutscenes, improved visuals, and a new costume for the purple haired Sophie. The title is set to be released this Winter in Japan.

PlayStation 3 Tales fans get a double dose of Tales with an all new title in the works. No details have been announced. But there was a bit of teaser art released, which you can check out after the jump.

On the portable side, Tales of  World Radiant Mythology 3 was announced for PlayStation Portable. The cross over title includes over 80 characters, including Tales of Graces’ Aspel.

Of course if you re a Tales fan you are probably thinking, “What about localizations?” Namco Bandai spoke out, basically saying they are unsure about localizing any of the titles yet. Unfortunately, they pointed out Tales of Graces specifically and said “we don’t currently have any plans to bring Tales of Graces to the US.” Fantastic.

Namco Bandai did announce one bit of Tales media that they will be localizing though. The 26 episode Tales of the Abyss anime that ran from 2008 till 2009 in Japan is seeing an official localization from Namco Bandai.  Hopefully we will see a localization for the actual games as well.

You can check out the magazine scans for each title after the jump.

(Announcement Sources: Siliconera)
(Localization Talk: Tales Union)

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Tales Studio Nearing Bankruptcy

I always thought the Tales franchise was doing well, minus the lack of some localizations, but it seems like that may not be the case. According to Tales Studio’s recent financial report, they had a annual lost of 1 million dollars.

That may not sound too bad, but the team has apparently now built up a debt of 21 million dollars. I doubt Namco Bandai would let the Tales series die, but I’m not sure if they will be willing to support the developers.

(Source: SankakuComplex) (Somewhat NSFW)
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