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Crazy Taxi Hitting PSN

If you love the INSANITY that is Crazy Taxi, then rejoice!  XBLA and PSN versions of the game will be going up on the 24th and 23rd respectively.  Crazy Taxi will cost gamers a mere $10 and “offer widescreen support with 720p HD graphics.”

Be aware that any licsenced music and trademarked companies like KFC and Pizza Hut will not be making a reappearance due to legal [insert excessively overused word to represent a great distaste that would probably alert the world’s greatest censors over the situation that also keeps Earthbound off the Wii VC] “stuff”.

Souce:  Joystiq

Great Games for Cheap Gamers : Crazy Emblems

It’s hard to be a gamer in these trying economic times.  While the prospect of playing “Hack and Slash RPG 10, Let’s Gather Turnips” is high on your list of priorities, shelling out $60 for it, and another $20 for the “Wii Sword” isn’t.

That’s what I’m here for!  Join me after the jump as I highlight two great games for discount prices!  The first being a crazy racing game, the second a classic tactical RPG.

With all these savings, you can buy the important things in life.  Food, electricity, internet bills and of course that awesome spring title “Weed Whacker 12, Revenge of the Moles”.