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Valve Launches Steam Trading Beta

Valve love the idea of trading so much, that they have released the beta version of a system that allows players to trade unplayed games with one another for other games and in-game items.

Imagine what you do in TF2 – you poke someone, offer them your goodies for their goodies, and go off on your merry way. That’s how this is gonna work, but through Steam – this also means you no longer have to boot up TF2 to trade as well, all trades done in the friend list. However, any games that have been played will not be able to be traded, so extra copies as part of a bundle or just games you never got to start up are the only ones you will be able to choose.

At the moment, it’s only TF2 but this may extend to other games, especially the other F2P games. To get into the beta, just go to your Steam Settings, and activate the Beta from there. All the information is on the Steam Support page for the Beta

(Source: GamePro )

Team Fortress 2 is F2P4Ever

See what I did there with all those numbers and letters. I am pretty clever like that, anyway, this news hit last night so I am sure many of you already know that along with the new Medic update for Team Fortress 2 the game is going free to play forever. That means anyone with a steam account can start rocket jumping and bonking away their days. Valve has shown interest in the free to play format several times and recently added a section to Steam specifically for free to play games, so this isn’t a huge surprise. It also makes perfect financial sense because TF2 has pretty much been bought by almost everyone that was going to buy it, and this way they can open the market for even more people to buy hats.

You can check out the Meet the Medic video after the jump.


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Sketchin’!! – Tiny Weapons Guy

Hey all. Still ridiculously busy with Offline Stuff. I can’t seem to catch a break :< Though hopefully I’ll have some killer projects to show you in the future. Until then, have a Tiny Weapons Guy. Feel free to use Tiny Weapons Guy as a blog or forum avatar. If you use Tiny Weapons Guy in other sites and people ask where he came from, link ’em back to The Speed Gamers! Tiny Weapons Guy will have then served his purpose. I mean, other than amusing me way more than he should.

VG Flash #10 – Team Fortress 2

So here we are with another VG Flash cartoon, this time based on the theme to Team Fortress 2. I play a lot of TF2 with a friend of mine, and I figured the 10th cartoon could also be a nice present to him for his birthday. He’s a nightmarish Pyro, but I like to play Medic and heal as much as possible. I often follow him around and heal him like mad; he fends off any enemy who targets me, and I keep him alive enough that he can be unusually aggressive.

This cartoon is the most viewed on my Youtube channel, so the comments on it tend to be less focused and more argumentative. It’s a fair tradeoff… I… guess?