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And now a special message to EVERYONE


THANKS! to Capcom for donating the prizes, making those awesome promo videos, and lending their support. It’s heartwarming to see a company whose work we admire help out such a great cause.

THANKS! to Mana Potions for donating the wonderful prizes and for letting us know that a blood-inspired energy drink is not only possible, but delicious.

THANKS! to The Speed Gamers themselves for giving us such an entertaining and fun marathon, for donating their time and money, and for battling the evil Umbrella Corporation.

And a HUGE HUGE THANKS! to you, the community. Whether you donated, promoted, or just stopped by to enjoy the fun, you really made this marathon special. I hope you all return in December!

Please accept this adorable Resident Evil Hunter, Tyrant, and Licker as a token of my gratitude. You all ROCK!

We could not have done it without you!

Thanks so much for everyone’s contribution, we couldn’t have done it without you. We smashed our original goal of $20,000 and have raised over $50,000 for ACT Today! The chipin will stay up until Monday.

Right now we are all a little awe struck and exhausted. We are having one last dinner as a group and then we go back to our normal lives.

Sorry for the long delay, It has been hectic lately. I’ll never forget last week, I’m very proud of what the TSG community has done. Fun and fullfilling doesn’t do justice when describing what was last week. Lets just go with the over used term EPIC. With my free time I’ve visited all sorts of sites that redirected to us, wrote about us, tweeted, ect. and I still cant get over the amount of support we received. I’ve also got a chance to look at all the fan art and it never fails to keep me smiling for hours. There’s no better way to relive the marathon then through the artistic minds of the viewers. You guys are great.

The one downfall was that we didn’t finish all the games by our 168 hour deadline. But hey, that just gives us reason to make a second attempt somewhere down the line 😉

Be sure to check out our 72 hour Megaman marathon for earthday.net starting August 14th @6pm cst.

Our store has reopened since the marathon has concluded.