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Code’s Corner : Games of the Year 2010

My name is Code, and welcome to my corner!  [It’s the tiny office with 3 walls.]  2010 was a remarkable year in gaming, mostly due to my purchase of an Xbox360, and finally having access to all the titles on all consoles.  There was no shortage of amazing titles this year, spanning all consoles and genres.  So what was the best of the best?  Which titles won over my heart in each console?  Join me after the jump, and find out!

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Import Title: Studio Ghibli Ni no Kuni: The Jet Black Sorcerer

Are you in the market for a nice Japanese import title?  Do you love the majestic artwork that Studio Ghibli presents?  Well, then you’re in luck!  Launching this week is the Studio Ghibli inspired title, Ni no Kuni: The Jet Black Sorcerer.

Ni no Kuni: The Jet Black Sorcerer follows the tale of Oliver, who discovers a fairy that leads him into an alternate reality where magic and mystery might allow him to revive his recently deceased mother.

You can see the recent Japanese commercial ad from youtube after the jump!

Source:  Siliconera

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Amazon Deals of the Day [Capcom Titles]

If you’re in need of a few amazing Capcom titles, then today may be the day for that big purchase. Super Street Fighter IV is being offered for $25, while Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth and Megaman Zero Collection for $20, and the original Dead Rising for $11.64.  The offers will end at the end of today, or when supplies run out.

So with that in mind, RUN FOR IT!

Souce:  Joystiq

Starcraft II:Heart of the Swarm May Not Make 2011

Yes, I’m just as disappointed in reading that title as you are.

Developers say they would be “hard pressed” to complete and release the expansion pack to Starcraft II by 2011, and Battle.net directors alluded to an early 2012 release.  Although 2011 isn’t out of the running, it’s best to not get ones hopes up.  Then again, we waited how long for Starcraft II itself?  [/angrily glances at Blizzard]

Souce:  Joystiq

Borderlands : GOTY Edition

The Gearbox Software developers just announced that a special “Game of the Year Edition” [GOTY] of Borderlands will be re-released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 12.

The GOTY edition will feature the basic Borderlands game, all four downloadable contents, as well as a foldout map of the game’s over-world territories.  This special edition will run PS3/Xbox360 owners around $60, while PC gamers get a small break for only $50.

It was also hinted than an official GOTY strategy guide for Borderlands will also be marketed, although not confirmed.  It was originally seen via online retailers such as Gamestop last month, but the product was eventually pulled from the online status.

Source:  Joystiq

Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light Pre-Order Bonuses

Square Enix is helping to guide gamers directly to their latest Final Fantasy product.  If you purchase the DS version of their latest RPG, Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light, each game will come with a cute poster that you can see after the jump.

If you preorder the game through Gamestop, they’ll throw in another adorable poster, a blown up image of the case design.  [Also viewable after the jump]

Finally, if you pre-order the game through Amazon, you net yourself $10 off your next Amazon purchase.    [Not viewable after the jump, but still cool!]
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Great Games for Cheap Gamers : Crazy Emblems

It’s hard to be a gamer in these trying economic times.  While the prospect of playing “Hack and Slash RPG 10, Let’s Gather Turnips” is high on your list of priorities, shelling out $60 for it, and another $20 for the “Wii Sword” isn’t.

That’s what I’m here for!  Join me after the jump as I highlight two great games for discount prices!  The first being a crazy racing game, the second a classic tactical RPG.

With all these savings, you can buy the important things in life.  Food, electricity, internet bills and of course that awesome spring title “Weed Whacker 12, Revenge of the Moles”.


Portal 2 Release Date Confirmed

Valve has confirmed though Gamescon the release date for the long anticipated Portal 2.  Portal 2 will be hitting shelves Feburary 9th, 2011.  Also confirmed from previous press releases, Portal 2 will be supported on the Playstation 3, and as Valve  originally stated, it will be “the best version on any console”.  However, it was also confirmed that Portal 2 will have neither 3D or PlayStation Move support.  The game will also launch on the Xbox 360, Mac, PC, and will be released at the same time.

More suprisingly, however, is the direction the voice acting seems to have taken.  It was also announced at Gamescon that hit “The Office” actor and writer Stephen Merchant has been selected to voice a “buddy sphere Wheatley” in the upcoming Portal 2.

(Source: CVG & Destructoid)

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