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Trouble Witches Hits XBLA April 27th

Troubles Witches is the latest game by former fighting game devs SNK (Still waiting on KOFXIII home port SNK) that marks SNK’s first original SHmup¬†of this generation (They previously released King of Fighters: Sky Stage and Neo Geo Ultimate Heroes on XBLA and PSN respectivly). The game is effectivly SNK’s equivalent of DeathSmiles as current trailers show a plethora of loli characters (even more with DLC)¬†firing bullets of every colour of the rainbow with beautiful 2D graphics, a rock soundtrack, and basically everything that made DeathSmiles so great. Trouble Witch is set to be released for XBLA for 800MSP (The same as Guwange, Strania, KOF: Sky Stage and pretty much every SHmup on XBLA not called R-Type or Raystorm) so if DeathSmiles didn’t satisfy your love of SHmups, try out Trouble Witches on April 27th.

Source: (Andriasang)