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Batman minithon, Team TSG and Wallpapers!

We’ve knocked out 2 of our minithons (Kirby and Golden Sun) and we are getting close to our 24 hour Batman event which starts at 6pm central on OCT 31. Currently we’ve raised about $2,500 for ACT Today during this minithon series and hopefully we can crack $3,000 during Batman.

During the Golden Sun event some of our streamers mentioned the “team” feature that Twitch has and they wanted me to look into it for TSG. What the team features does is allows us to create a hub for all other community members to stream and it makes it easy for other community members to watch each other and build an audience. I contacted twitch and they responded very quickly and set us up with one.  Take a look: http://www.twitch.tv/team/tsg

Now I want to make a suggestion and I would like for everyone’s input. I think that we should make the live.tsg.tv page redirect to our team page. I think that by doing this our community can build their own channels up. The community can now use the team page as the place to go to find fellow members streaming and to hang out. This will also free up the main channel exclusively for marathons, minithons, and community events. Now, I want opinions on this first before we put this into action.  So if its clear that this isn’t something that the streamers and the community as a whole want, then we don’t have to go this direction. I think this will have a positive impact though and it will allow for our community streamers to increase viewership on their own channels while also giving the community a place to find a variety of community personalities. Please leave your thoughts in our forums or on this blog post.

Before I sign off I wanted to share with you guys some great TSG wallpapers and high res shirt design images that were made by Rust:  http://imgur.com/a/rjosg

<3 You guys, talk to ya’ll soon!