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Child of Eden PS3 recieves price and date

For anyone European who wants to play Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s latest acid trip: Child of Eden but also doesn’t want to pay £50 for it, this news may be of interest to you. First of all, the PS3 version now has a release date. The game will be out in the United States on September 20th and in Europe on September 23rd. What is more likely to be of interest to some people is that while the American version will be $49.99 (The same as the US version), the UK version will retail £19.99, half the price of the UK Xbox 360 edition. What’s even better is that if you get the game through Amazon UK or Play, The games comes with an extra discount at £14.99 (And you get a free T-Shirt if you pre order from Play). Either way, if you can’t wait till late September then the Xbox version is still avaliable from any major gaming retailer. Whether the games works better with the Move or Kinect is unknown although speculation probably points to the former (whether it’s worth the price difference is another story).

Source: (Joystiq)

Cubic Ninja Review

Nintendo 3DS finally got its first real system seller recently, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. And while that’s fantastic, at the end of the day it is a remake. We have yet to really receive that first must have original 3DS title. While ports and remakes populate the 3DS’ launch, gamers have only a few other titles to really look toward for new experiences. Cubic Ninja isn’t one of the most anticipated titles for the system, but is one of few titles specifically made for Nintendo 3DS. Coming from a small developer, we don’t expect AAA quality. But can this cubic adventure stand up to its $39.99 price point?

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Australian We Dare Remains PG, DoA: Dimensions Becomes Mature

Ubisoft’s controversal party game, We Dare, has been kept at a PG rating despite calls from parents as well as Ubisoft themselves.

Gamespot reported that the recommendation by Ubisoft for the game to be classed as a Mature title, showing that this was always meant to be an adult party game, was ignored – similar to Europe where We Dare recieved a 12+. The Classification Review Board reviewed their classification, and decided that the game was suitably rated, though would give consumer advice of “Mild Sexual Refrences” An example of these refrences is a mini-game called “The More You Dare”, where players are encouraged to remove as many clothes as possible in fifteen seconds.

Some of the filler text is also rather questionable, with ‘Many women prefer men who look like their fathers. This is called sexual imprinting’ among such phrases. The whole ordeal have led to Ubisoft cancelling plans for a US and UK release, but have Australia got it right? Or has something gone a bit wrong?

Evidence points to maybe the latter, as this is the second game to be re-reviewed, with Dead or Alive: Dimensions also being reconsidered, this time being upgraded to a Mature rating, citing that the game was “not demonstrated during the initial application process” – which is surely how people find out what’s in it?

It’s not been a good time for the notoriously harsh Australian Board, who have banned games such as Left 4 Dead 2 due to the content. Only time will tell if they can get back to actually playing a game to see what’s in it, rather than toss a rating at it.

Ubisoft Announces Killer Freaks from Outer Space for Wii U, First Screen Shots

We’ve heard quite a few developers backing the Wii U. But Ubisoft is already knee deep into the system, producing their very own exclusive title, Killer Freaks from Outer Space.

The title is a first person shooter from Ubisoft with tongue-cheek-humor and a load of aliens called “Freaks,” who kind of look like demented Rabbids. Players mow through packs of Freaks using the Wii U controller in single player. You can aim using the gyro sensor. Ubisoft believes it will add a new level of precision combining both of the analog sliders and the gyro controls.

Right now the title includes four player co-op, which according to GoNintendo, is online. The title also features local competitive multiplayer. One player uses a classic controller to play on the TV screen while the other player uses the Wii U controller and its screen. The Wii U player has a map where he can spawn enemies and attempt to kill the player.

What makes this title stand out, aside from looking to be just plain weird overall, is that there are actually screens of it running on the Wii U hardware, which you can find after the jump. Keep in mind these are early screenshots, so some things may not be as pretty as you’d expect yet. There’s also a live-action/CG trailer after the jump.

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Ubisoft E3 2011 Press Conference

To follow up from Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 and Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is no easy feat, but Ubisoft tried their hardest to not be an afterthought in today’s round of press conferences, especially with it being their 25th Anniversary.

  • Michel Ansel, original creator of the Rayman franchise, states that Rayman Origins is his way of reviving his love for the franchise.  Origins will be out Autumn 2011
  • Aaron Priceman, aka Mr. Caffiene gives us three taglines, starting with “Gaming is Adventure”, wanting us to be badass – How? Driver: San Fransisco is announced, August 30 2011 for US, September 2 for Europe
  • Dan Hay gives us a demonstration of FarCry 3, trailer and gameplay, due in 2012
  • Randy Pitchford from Gearbox announces a collaboration between them and Ubisoft, Brothers In Arms: The Furious Four, Due out 2012 – looks like Borderlands in WW2 setting
  • Paramount and Ubisoft are bringing us Tintin, endorsed by Spielberg and Peter Jackson, “Coming Soon” – promising, but carries expectations of game/movie marriages failing
  • Also Tenth Anniversary of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series, meaning Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is announced, due for 2012
  • Ghost Recon Online is announced in conjunction with GR: FS – Free To Play, to be compatible with Future, PC only. Beta open for application ((Go to www.ghostrecononline.com for more information on that and to sign up))
  • Trackmania 2: Canyon is announced for PC – customisable cars and tracks, beta is next month in July, with the full retail version out by September – the trailer is made by in-game footage, higly impressive. Maniaplanet is hyped up, with Shootmania and Questmania – FPS and RPG versions of Trackmania are also hyped up.
  • Raving Rabids: Alive and Kicking announcedfor the Kinect, it involves kicking and smashing Rabids – I fail to see how this could be bad. Out November 8th
  • Just Dance 3 is announced with footage of regular people playing. More of the same, though not necessary a bad thing. Due out by the end of 2011
  • Rocksmith, a big twist on the now defunct Rock Band and Guitar Hero brands, actually teaches how to play rather than just go “Red, red, red, blue, blue, green, Whammy bar” – Half Music Teacher, half What the genre needed to rejuvenate it, due to be released in October in USA
  • Your Shape sequel to be released in November – Ubisoft aim to burn a total of One Billion calories according to the trailer, best of luck with that.
  • Least Surprising Announcement Award of this Conference, Assasin’s Creed: Revelations – Out in November 2011, the game features Ezio, Altair and Desmond. Ezio is a buff badass for an old man, like Galuf levels of awesome. The trailer is promising, and seems to shun conceptions of becoming stale with Ezio’s story, the gameplay also looking fluid. Still life in this title yet, though may be last time we see Ezio, judging by his last stand.

What did you guys make of Ubisoft’s offerings? Disappointed by another year without Beyond Good and Evil 2? Rocksmith threatens to be the most impressive announcement in my opinion.

Ubisoft Announces PowerUP Heros With Ridiculous Live Action

What’s with Ubisoft and having some of the most ridiculous love action trailers I have ever seen. They just announced a new avatar based Kinect game where your Avatar’s gain super powers and fight. The premise is simple and if they do something interesting with the Kinect it could be cool, but the real story is the trailer. The trailer for this game features not only a Giant TV and Kinect in a Fast Food Restaurants break room but also an underlying plot. Check it out after the jump.


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Beyond Good and Evil HD PS3 out “Later This Year”

As part of the XBLA House Party, Beyond Good and Evil was released on XBLA today for a mere 800MSP. The game is famous for recieving low sales upon launch with a strong cult following developing as time went by. Ubisoft have even said that they will consider a sequel to the game is the sales of the HD version are well. While the game is currently only avaliable for XBLA, Ubisoft confirmed today that the game will be a timed exclusive and it will recieve an eventual PSN release. Ubisoft have commented how a lot of time and care has been putting in from remaking the game from the ground up to make sure that this was less of a cheap port but a complete HD overall that would do justice to the greatness to the original. An exact date (or quarter) hasn’t been confirmed yet but for any 360 who wants to try the cult classic, make sure you have 800MSP to spare and 1.86GB left on your hard-drive.

Source: (Eurogamer)

Ubisoft: “Keep the Faith” in Beyond Good and Evil 2

It seems like its been forever since we’ve seen Beyond Good and Evil 2. Mid 2008 and we still haven’t see any official media since the announcement trailer, although there was one leaked video of gameplay some months after.

Beyond Good and Evil fans should still be excited though. An HD rerelease is heading PSN and XBLA next month. Eurogamer got in contact with the producer of the HD remake, Wang Xu. His response was: “Keep the faith.

While he jokingly plugs-in, “Yes it is true; please buy Beyond Good & Evil HD if you want more BG&E games,” it surely won’t hurt the chances of the sequel’s release.

Hopefully there will be some teaser footage or something in the HD remake.

Rumor: Ubisoft HD Remakes Heading to Xbox 360

Do you envy PlayStation 3 owners and their HD remakes? If only you could play those games in a higher resolution with remastered textures! Well, 360 owners might be able to do that soon, thanks to Ubisoft!

The ESRB added Xbox 360 to the listing for Splinter Cell HD, Pandora Tomorrow HD, and Chaos Theory HD. The same goes for the Prince of Persia titles that have already hit PlayStation 3.

No other details have been confirmed, but ESRB listings are usually dead on. With the rumored Halo: Combat Evolved remake coming in November, this year might turn out to be a year of remastered titles on the 360.

Also, don’t forget Ubisoft is bringing Beyond Good and Evil to XBLA and PSN, also remastered for HD.

(Via: Kotaku)

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Video Review

No More Heroes 2 is rated M for Mature by the ESRB and contains blood and gore, intense violence, partial nudity, sexual themes, and strong language, all of which may be featured in this review.

Released in 2010, No More Heroes 2 definitely had a lot to live up to. The first title in the series developed quite the following, making it one of the most appealing Wii exclusives from third party publishers. And while No More Heroes 2 does a lot of things right, there are some issues with the title.


Hit the jump to find out in our video review of No More Heroes 2!

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