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Vagrant Story Retrospective

The PlayStation era was arguably when Square Enix were at their creative peak. After the release of Final Fantasy VII, Squaresoft received a large amount of profit from the game and decided to use the money to finance a series of innovative projects unlike any other video game released at the time. This involved the company dabbling in genres that they had never been a part of before, and in most cases, redefining the genre. To list a few example; Bushido Blade is one of the rare fighting games to change the Tekken/Virtua Fighter engine through limb targeted attacks that adds a layer of strategy that is not present in any other fighting game (other than it’s sequel, Bushido Blade 2), Einhander took the R-Type model and transformed it into one of only two SHmups that incorporate a well told story into in gameplay to give an added incentive to see how the plot unfolds (the other being Radiant Silvergun). Despite other experiments such as Brave Fencer Musashi, Tobal 1&2, Front Mission and so on, Squaresoft were still contributing to the RPG genre through continuations to their ongoing series like Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Legend of Mana and Chrono Cross, Square will also willing to release new IP’s that later went on to become cult classics (Xenogears anyone?). It is also during this period that Squaresoft provided the Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno enough money to create his dream project: Vagrant Story: One of the greatest RPGs ever made. Continue reading Vagrant Story Retrospective

Squaresoft RPG’s coming to NA PSN

BUT NOT EUROPE! Ah-Hem, Squaresoft confirmed today that Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Legends of Mana and Threads of Fate will be released on NA PSN. The ESRB have rated the games for the PSP & PS3 which are usually the first sign of games being released with Sony Computer Entertainment America being the publisher. There are no confirmed release dates however there may be a chance this coincides with the PSN release of Chrono Cross which is being released in JP PSN (With a chance of an overseas release).

Source: (Siliconera)

Vagrant Story heading to European PSN

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable users will soon be able to play the original Vagrant Story.  The listing for the game was this week but Square-Enix confirmed that the date was wrong and just said the title will be coming soon. There hasn’t been a price listed yet either but you can probably assume it will fall around the same price point as most Square-Enix games do in the PSOne classic section.

(Source: VG247)