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Portal 2 Free “Peer Review” DLC Released, Sale on Steam

Portal 2’s Co-Op mode just got a little larger with the release of Valve’s free “Peer Review” DLC, which adds more to the story of Atlas, P-Body, and everyone’s favorite passive-aggressive homicidal AI, GLaDOS.

In addition, the DLC pack adds challenge maps to both single player and co-op, as well as leaderboards so you can show off how great you are. Valve also decided to put Portal 2 on sale on Steam for just $14.99 until October 6th to celebrate, so get it if you don’t have it already.

(Source: Destructoid)

Portal 1 Free Until September 20th

Have you been hiding under a rock for several years? Perhaps I can suggest you play the fantastic PC/Mac Puzzler Portal, because it’s free now. Atleast for the next 4 days you can pick up Portal on Steam for absolutely free. In case you don’t have Steam you can get it here and not only are you on your way to an amazing puzzler, but you also finally have the best way to buy PC games.

Portal 2 is also available for 30 dollars and just as fantastic and even funnier than the first game so if you like what you see with Portal 1 then you need to pick it up.


Valve Launches Steam Trading Beta

Valve love the idea of trading so much, that they have released the beta version of a system that allows players to trade unplayed games with one another for other games and in-game items.

Imagine what you do in TF2 – you poke someone, offer them your goodies for their goodies, and go off on your merry way. That’s how this is gonna work, but through Steam – this also means you no longer have to boot up TF2 to trade as well, all trades done in the friend list. However, any games that have been played will not be able to be traded, so extra copies as part of a bundle or just games you never got to start up are the only ones you will be able to choose.

At the moment, it’s only TF2 but this may extend to other games, especially the other F2P games. To get into the beta, just go to your Steam Settings, and activate the Beta from there. All the information is on the Steam Support page for the Beta

(Source: GamePro )

Team Fortress 2 is F2P4Ever

See what I did there with all those numbers and letters. I am pretty clever like that, anyway, this news hit last night so I am sure many of you already know that along with the new Medic update for Team Fortress 2 the game is going free to play forever. That means anyone with a steam account can start rocket jumping and bonking away their days. Valve has shown interest in the free to play format several times and recently added a section to Steam specifically for free to play games, so this isn’t a huge surprise. It also makes perfect financial sense because TF2 has pretty much been bought by almost everyone that was going to buy it, and this way they can open the market for even more people to buy hats.

You can check out the Meet the Medic video after the jump.


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Get Portal 2 for $39.99 or Less

Portal 2 just recently launched, but for some reason  retailers all around have decided to slash the price on the title. GameStop is offering the console versions for $39.99, and physical PC copies for $29.99.  Amazon is slightly undercutting this with the console versions for $34.99. Other retailers like BestBuy are marking the similar deals.


It’s hard to say whether these are temporary or permanent cut. Either way, if you’re looking for a great puzzler, $20 off or full retail price, you’ll probably get your money’s worth with Portal 2.

Valve ‘Probably’ Finished with Isolated Single-Player Experiences

Multiplayer has been slowly triumphing over the single-player experience in recent years. Titles like Call of Duty are purchased, in many cases, completely for the multi-player experience, despite a polished single-player campaign. More and more companies are focused on adding in multi-player. But one company who may or may not come as as surprise is Valve. Journalist Geoff Keighly recently worked close with Valve on a Portal 2 iPad application that delved into the development of the title. According to Keighly, “Portal 2 will probably be Valve’s last game with an isolated single-player experience. Keighly says what this means “is something Newell is still trying to figure out.”


It’s been awhile since Valve has released a title that was completely single played focused. Portal and Half Life 2: Episode 2 in 2007 were the last titles they developed that were completely focused on single player. Since then, multiplayer titles like Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead have dominated their line-up. What does this mean for franchises like Half-Life? They’re probably still coming… Eventually. But it sounds like no matter what the title is, you’ll have a way to play with a buddy.


As long as there is an option to play alone or offline in a more story driven experience, I don’t think there’s much of a problem with it. I would raise concerns over the ability to tell a story, but I think Valve has proven themselves able to do that well even in an online environment. Any concerns on your part?


(Via: Kotaku)

TF2 Hats for a Serious Cause (Update 2)

Hats! Team Fortress 2 has them. Sure, you can show off your hats in game, but what do they mean? If you pick up one of the three hats that Valve just released, you’ll be able to show to everyone that you are charitable. The hats come  at a few price ranges. One is $7.99,  while another is $19.99. The third hat is a whopping $99.99, but it’s all for a good cause.  If $7.99 is still a bit much for your wallet, you can purchase noise makers for $.99 and $1.29 each. You can purchase t


The hats and noise makers will be available until April 6th and all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to help Japan through this crisis.


Update: You can purchase the whole set for $29.96 outside the $99.99 headpiece. (Source:http://i.imgur.com/waQzD.jpg) Thanks EasyTutorials.


Update 2: No $99.99 head piece in bundle.

(Source: TeamFortress)
Thanks EasyTutorials!

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Doug Church of Deus Ex Fame Joins Valve

He may not be the most famous person to work on Deus Ex but he still has quite an impressive list of credentials. Doug Church has worked on not only Deus Ex but also Theif, System Shock, and Tomb Raider: Legend.


Valve, as usual, isn’t commenting on his exact position or what projects he may be working on. As far as I know, Valve is pretty open about everyone having some sort of input into all of their games. Unless he is a design lead on a new project, his influence might not have too much of an effect on Valve’s projects.


What Does Half-Life 2 Look Like on the Lowest Settings?

I don’t do fun posts that often, I’m usually like “SRS NEWS IS SRS”. But sometimes I like to relax and do one, like Half-Life 2 on the lowest settings possible!

After the jump you can find a video of someone playing the title on the lowest settings. It sort of looks like Minecraft and Half-Life 2 had a baby. A very blocky and blurry baby named Mine-Life 2.

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Sketchin’!! – Chosen 4 Dead

HEY ALL! Here’s something I drew for a Starmen.net Halloween Funfest last year. YAY! It combines two of my favorite games: Earthbound and Left 4 Dead! Because those things are totally related, right?? IT’S UNDER THE CUT!

Also, there were some requests for a wallpaper (or close to it) sized version of the poster design. So here it is! Have fun with that!

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