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Final Fantasy: Out of Context

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmr2cwSFvs8&w=560&h=315]

Y’know, the games don’t make much more sense in context either…

Big thanks to Mattias Häggström Gerdt, aka Another Soundscape (http://anosou.com/) and Tim “Ravepulse” Dao (https://soundcloud.com/ravepulse) for the music. You should totally go to their sites and download everything they’ve got.

Mario Marathon Info Video

Britt told me to put this on the blog. I told him he wasn’t the boss of me. Punches were thrown, dynamite was detonated, but in the end we agreed that I was right. But I’ll post it here anyway since the poor dear is now missing upwards of 83% of his internal organs.

Anyway feel free to use this when promoting the marathon!

The video I mean. Not Britt’s spleen and lungs.

TSG Video Review: Metroid Other M

TSG Video Reviews are just like any other review. BUT VIDEO!

This is my first video review and I believe the first TSG Video Review so I think I sound abit stilted and occasionally hard to hear. Tell me what you think in the comments so I can improve future reviews.


You can check it out after the jump.

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Who Ya Gonna Call? MYTHBUSTERS!

Worst.  Pun.  EVER!

Anyway, onto the big news!  For fans of the hit television show Mythbusters, you’ll soon be treated to them busting some video-game releated myths!

“At some point there will be a video game special,” stated Adam Savage, one of the show’s hosts.

After delving a little deeper, the Mythbusters plan on busting some common video game myths.  Such as video game racing affecting real life racing, having a teenager race a professional race-car driver, using only the knowledge he’s received from racing games.  I certainly hope it wasn’t GTAIV or Saint’s Row.  It was also recommended to recreate the Assassin’s Creed roof plunging, to see if it’s actually survivable. Yikes..

Meanwhile, it’s my sincere hope that they address the fact that holding a gun sideways like Yuna from FFX-2 does not make for good aim.   Or that skimpy armor cannot hope to block bullets and/or swords.  [I’m looking at YOU Rikku!]

Source:  Kombo

Super Mario Bros. Audio Comics

During my very early Monday commentating time, I showed the old Super Mario Bros. comic book I had, with an included audio cassette tape with voice actors reading the lines. Well, I captured this audio and put it in a video with scans from the comic pages. The intent was to show them during my commentating shifts, but unfortunately I forgot to show more than the first. Well, as planned from the start, here they are uploaded for your viewing pleasure whenever you wish.



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Toys-R-Us buy 2 games get 1 free sale

I love sales like this, although I’d like it even more if I could take advantage of it…

Just like it says buy any two video games from anything in stock, and get a third game for free. The free game will either be the cheapest one, or the third game of three games with the same price point. This sale will also be available online too.

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