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Mega Man X and Chrono Trigger Heading to Japanese VC

If you have been lacking some SNES classics in your gaming diet recently, you might be in luck soon. Japan just announced its Virtual Console line-up for the next month, detailing three titles; the NEOGEO title King of Monsters 2 and the SNES classics Chrono Trigger, and Mega Man X.


You would expect normal prices for these, no? 900 points for a NEOGEO title and 800 for SNES title. While that’s true for Mega Man X and King of Monsters 2, Square-Enix is charging a premium price of 900 points for Chrono Trigger. Not an unfamiliar price point, other than the fact it is usually reserved to import titles. Interesting to see Nintendo budge on that stance.


(Source: Siliconera)

Nintendo Download for North America

Wanted to download Final Fantasy III this week, North America? Nope! But instead you can get Natsume’s Champion Wrestling (800 points). That’s kind of like Final Fantasy, right?


Otherwise, you can check out Arcade Essentials (500 points) and and a demo for Dive: The Medes Island Secret. On DSiWare you can find G.G. Series D-Tank (200 points) and Shapo (500 points).


You can check out the full list of details on each title after the jump.


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Nintendo Download for Europe – Final Fantasy III

Hey, Europe! Miss out the classic that is Final Fantasy III (900 points)? Er, well…. Technically VI.  Now you can get it on the Virtual Console!  If that isn’t enough to make your Nintendo Download week, I’m not sure what else is!

If you don’t fancy yourself old JPRGs though, you can grab Bingo Delux (500 points) on WiiWare, or check out the demo for Learning with PooYoos Episode 2. DSiWare has Castle Conquerer (500 points), 5 in 1 Mahjong (200 points), and Arctic Escape (500 points).

You can check out full details for each title after the jump.

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Nintendo Download for North America

Another Monday, another Nintendo Download for North America! This week is actually pretty good!

On WiiWare we have Heavy Fire: Black Arms (500 points) and a demo of Soccer Bash! More exciting on Virtual Console is the Nintendo 64 title, Bomberman Hero (1000 points)! DSi actually has some good stuff this week too with G.G. Series Horizontal Bar (200 points), GO Series Earth Saver (500 points), and Jelly Car 2 (500 points).

You can check out details on each title after the jump!

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Nintendo Download for Europe

Europe, when was the last time you even got a Nintendo 64 game on the Virtual Console? I have no idea. Either way, finally we’re getting another Nintendo 64 release with Bomberman Hero (1,000 points).

Outside of Bomberman, we have Successfully Learning Mathematics Year 2 (800 points), along with a demo for Lead the Meerkats. On DSiWare you can find Monster Buster Club (800 points), Puzzle to go Sightseeing (500 points), and The Seller (500 points).

You know what buy.

SEGA Announces Five Game Gear VC Titles

As we heard earlier this week at GDC, Nintendo will be offering platforms outside of Nintendo’s on the 3DS’ Virtual Console. Naturally, the Game Gear is one of them.

While these titles are only confirmed for Japan, we are probably likely to see all five hit North America. SEGA in their collection of titles has two starring the blue hedgehog: Sonic Drift 2, and Sonic Triple Trouble. Puzzle fans will appreciate Columns, and action adventure fans might wanna check out GG Shinobi. And last, but not least, Dragon Crystal: Shirani’s Maze.

Nintendo hasn’t detailed the pricing structure for the 3DS’ Virtual Console yet, so who knows how much the titles will cost. But this is a great opportunity for those of us who never picked up SEGA’s battery eating hand-held.

(Source: GoNintendo)

Final Fantasy VI Finally Heading to Virtual Console in Japan

It’s been a long time since Square-Enix announced that all the Final Fantasy titles would be heading to the Virtual Console. And the final 16-bit entry is hitting the service next month in Japan.

Unlike a lot of early Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy VI did get a US localization under the name Final Fantasy III. And with the Virtual Console staying relatively up to date in North America recently, we can probably expect to get it fairly soon after Japan.

(Source: Siliconera)

Nintendo Download for North America

North America, welcome to Monday! Time for your weekly dose of Nintendo Download! This week is nothing mind blowing, but there’s some good software mixed in here.

First up is Hudson Software’s NES title FAXANADU (500 points), which kind of looks like Zelda II.  On WiiWare you can find demos for Rage of the Gladiator and Learning with PooYoos. The amazing epic adventure Cozy Fire (500 points) and Jewel Keeper: Easter Island (500 points) were both added to the service today as well.

On DSiWare you can find G.G. Series: Drift Circuit (200 points), Arctic Escape (500 points), and Remote Racers (500 points).

You can check out the full details of each title after the jump!

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Nintendo Download for Europe

Hey, Europe! Ready for some Nintendo Download goodies? This week get the intense My Little Baby (N/A), with a side of Cricket Challenge (500 points)! Or if you’re into baby games, you can test the waters of Chick Chick Boom and ColorZ with a demo for each of those titles.

Not feeling manly enough after My Little Baby? Pick up the SNES title Natsume’s Champion Wrestling (900 points) on the Virtual Console!

Nothing manly on DSiWare. Faceez: Monsters! (200 points), Puuca Noodle Rush (500 points) , and Puzzle to Go Planets and Universe (500 points).

Nintendo Download for North America

North American Nintendo Download? What could be coming out this week? Well, nothing too special.

On WiiWare we have the super mature raw blood and action first person title Spot the Differences!, along with LIT and Urbanix demoes. On the Virtual Console the NES title S.C.A.T. (500 points) is hitting the service.

DSi owners get the usual slew of titles. G.G. Series Dark Spirits (200 points), Boom Boom Squaries (200 points), 505 Tangram (500 points), and Shawn Johnson Gymnastics (500 points) all can be downloaded starting today!

I was just thinking, it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a really good update. Hopefully someone decides to throw something at us. Also gonna plug that Europe get’s Shantae later this week.

You can find out all the details about each title after the jump.

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