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Rumor: Walmart Might Be Dropping the 3DS Price 2 Days Early.

Keep in mind this is just a rumor coming out of Cheap Ass Gamer, but if it is true you could get a discounted 3DS and all 20 of the free games all in one swoop. Cheap Ass Gamer is reporting that they have an anonymous source telling them that Walmart plans to drop their 3DS to the new 170$ price point on August 9th, 2 days before Nintendo’s planned drop. It is just a rumor, but you should¬†definitely¬†check out Walmart on the 9th if you’re really desperate to get those 20 free games.

As a day 1 adopter I already know I will be getting those games and while I am sure some might complain about people getting the perks of the full priced console for less, but I personally could care less. It’s not like they didn’t have to go out of their way to do so.

*Update* Our very own Baltes has contacted some Nintendo reps in response to the rumor and has been told that it may not make a difference. If one retailer lowers the price before the originally planned date they will change the date.


MAG 2 Confirmed by an Unlikely Source

We got confirmation on the sequel to the hit FPS game for the PS3, MAG: Massive Action Game. However, the interesting story isn’t so much the announcement but rather, the announcer. The listing for the game was seen on Walmart’s website, stating that you could get your hands on the game on January 25th, 2011 if you wish to preorder it. Additionally, the game’s listed price is the standard $60.
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