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Microsoft Purchases Halo Kinect Website

People love Halo. People love Kinect. Therefore, the obvious next step would be to combine the two products. Microsoft may be thinking the same thing, as it was discovered today that Microsoft purchased the domain name for KinectHalo.com as early as last June.

This points towards a possible motion control title for the Halo franchise, a concept that seems a little strange. How exactly would you be able to shoot your gun? Not to mention, another shooter from Microsoft, namely Gears of War: Exile is also rumored to be Kinect compatible. As long as we’re not petting Covenant forces in various mini-games, the idea seems like it could have some potential for strong sales.

It’s hard to know what we can expect from the Halo franchise after Bungie is out of of the picture. With rumors of this new Kinect title, a rumored HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, a rumored Halo 4, and some new rumored DLC for Halo: Reach, something needs to get confirmed already.

(Source: CVG)

Another blog redesign

Well hello again…it’s seems so long since I’ve been here. Anywho, I’m here to talk to you children about what we changed on this blog.

Well you see we were trying to think of ways to organize the content where everything new would be visible and wouldn’t be pushed back a couple pages. Now in order to solve this dilemma we instituted what I call the “3 blocks.”

  • First block is the newest marathon news.
  • Second block is the latest gaming news.
  • Third block is the current original content.

More about these blocks and other notable things after the break.

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The new website design and you

You may be asking yourself “Now why did TSG have to go and mess up something that wasn’t broken in the first place?”. The answer is simple, we were bored.

First you should notice we re-imagined our navigation bar altogether, we have separated the Gaming content from our Marathon content (try doing that with your America s’mores, Phil). It wasn’t easy but we did it for the convenience of our readers, and that’s who matters dangit!

Nav bar

  • When you hover over the “Marathons” section the sub-navigation bar (Red colored) will change to reflect the content categories we have setup for that particular section, the same goes for “Home”. By the way “Forums” is now “Community”

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