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The Week Ahead (11-25)

Be sure to check out FanGamer’s Earthbound Bash which is Friday Nov 29 – Sunday Dec 1.   Each of the 3 daily broadcasts will start at Noon Pacific / 3PM Eastern. Each stream will be about 6 hours per day. Included in these streams will be auctions to raise money for some great causes. http://earthboundbash.com/

Here’s what we have on the schedule for the upcoming week on live.thespeedgamers.com
Monday 11-25-13: 5pm-8pm Glover with GendarmeOfficer
Tuesday 11-26-13: 6pm-9pm Tactical Tuesdays With Squint, 9pm-11pm Some Console Game! w/ Giraffes (VOTE HERE: http://strawpoll.me/754349 )
Wednesday 11-27-13: 4pm-8pm Blaumagier Practices A Link Between Worlds, 8pm-11pm Fallout: New Vegas with GendarmeOfficer
Thursday 11-28-13: 5pm-10pm Jaz & Kairamek’s Forever Alone Club: Portal 2 Coop
Friday 11-29-13: 3pm-8pm Blaumagier Practices A Link Between Worlds
Saturday 11-30-13: 2pm-7pm Reloading w/ Kairamek, Saturday Night’s Main Event w/ AlanEdgeHead Link’s Awakening DX Practice
Sunday 12-1-13: 4pm-8pm Blaumagier Practices A Link Between Worlds

The Week Ahead (9/23)

Whats going on this week with TheSpeedGamers?

We are getting very close to our next marathon, Halloween Oct 18-21. There’s a lot for us to tackle before we are ready to roll for Halloween.  We’ve got our cause picked for the event but hopefully by the end of this week we will be able to announce the charity we are supporting.

-Our new mixer arrived that we will be using during our future marathons. I’ll stream a test soon on our Twitch page.

-FINALLY, a vlog for this week…I hope..

Here’s what we have going on streaming wise this week:
Monday 9-23-13: No Scheduled Shows
Tuesday 9-24-13: 6pm-8pm Euro Truck Simulator With Squint, 11pm-2am Legend of Dragoon with Metal Man
Wednesday 9-25-13: 7pm-10pm The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker w/ GendarmeOfficer, 10pm-2am Dragon Age Origins w/ Rob
Thursday 9-26-13: 11pm-2am legend of Dragoon with Metal Man
Friday 9-27-13: 11am-3pm Friday Afternoons with Untuxable (Help choose the game: http://strawpoll.me/457989 ), 8pm-10pm Daski Streams! Amnesia: Machine for Pigs
Saturday 9-28-13: 2pm-8pm Reloading w/ Kairamek: L4D2
Sunday 9-29-13: 4pm-6pm Blaumagier Plays 3DS in 2D – Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (DSi Ware)

Highlights from last week’s streams:
“Double Kill”

“Fire and Failure”

“Tutorial Level”

TSG’s Week Ahead (1/30)

We’ve got a couple of new tidbits of information about our Mega Man Marathon (March 8-11). Jazz is looking to play one of the DOS versions of Mega Man. Right now I’m working on getting DOS box setup so that we can make this happen. If you haven’t seen the game, it’s atrocious and it should be a  hilarious run for the marathon. Toast is also considering picking  up an X game or two to expand the catalog of games we are playing. We are only missing X5,X6 and X7 from the main series. With Toast playing one or two of these games we will be close to  clearing the entire franchise. Things are really coming together for this event with a little over a month to go. Any promotion that you guys can give the marathon would be much appreciated!

Jumping ahead to our next event, Final Fantasy, we will be starting on a Monday this time around, June 24- July1. I’m posting about this so early because this will be the first time we have started an event on any other day besides Friday. So mark your calendars now,  MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY June 24- July 1.

A couple of months ago I made a thread talking about wanting to game for 2 new charities and 2 previous charities in 2013. This March we are gaming for Rocking H Ranch and for Final Fantasy we will be gaming for ACT Today. This leaves us with the last 2 marathons and 2 new charities to game for. What causes and charities would you like to see us play for?

Other news:

-My monthly stream to give thanks to all of our contributors will be Sunday February 10th at around 3pm central.

-Our last two days of community stream month are tonight and tomorrow on live.thespeedgamers.com.


TSG’s Week Ahead (11/21)

Hey Hey! We are just one day away from Thanksgiving here in the states. I hope everyone has a safe and fun and holiday. Don’t forget black Friday sales start earlier at some retailers this year and you can snag some new games for pretty cheap.

I’m (Britt) going to be streaming all day Sunday starting at noon!! I’m very excited about this and I’ll be going over our complete 2013 schedule with a brief little video. I’ll make the schedule announcement at around 3pm central.

We put out a funny little Mario marathon promo earlier last week that was created by Cameron Garland of TSG.

-We’ve got a hugeeeeeee prize announcement that will be talking about very soon.

Not much else to talk about other than our big event that is just around the corner. The Marathon starts December 14th at 6pm central and will last 72 hours. We will be gaming for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

TSG’s Week Ahead (11/14)

Another slow week but things will begin to pick up soon.

-I saw a near complete version of a Mario/Luigi skit that we did for one of Cameron’s film classes. I’ll be posting a link soon of the finished product!

– My 13 hour stream is right around the corner, Sunday November 25th. I’ll start at either 11am central or noon. I’ll be showing a video that details our 2013 marathon schedule.

-We are also exactly a month away from the Mario Marathon for The Make A Wish Foundation, December 14th.

-We are a couple of weeks into Luigi Awareness month on the forums. There is still time to participate and win prizes.

-Giraffe’s will be steaming Black Ops 2 tonight on our live page at 8pm central.

TSG’s Week Ahead (11/7)

Here we go..another wrap up of what’s gone on in TSGville and what to expect in the week to come.

Jazz just posted about this year’s Obligatory Ice Level Day. Be sure to give it a read and help if you would like!

Luigi Awareness month is now underway. Check out the forum to participate and to also have a shot to win prizes.

-Cameron recorded a promo for our upcoming Mario Marathon which will be out soon! We had a lot of fun recording it and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

-The 2013 marathon promo is also just about complete but I’m trying to decide when we should release it. I might hold off until the 25th and show it during my 13 hour stream.

-November’s goal of $80 to help pay for TSG’s web and shipping fee’s has already been met! You guys are incredible. Thank you all for making TSG possible.

-(repost) “The November 12-hour stream to thank our community for demolishing our October goal will be on Sunday November 25th from noon until midnight (central). We have been setting an $80 goal each month to offset website fees as well as shipping fees. It has gone spectacularly. Thank you guys so much for your support! Typically the stream will be at the beginning of the month but because of other commitments I have early on in the month I think the last weekend would work better.”

-I swear on a baby seal that I will finally get around to uploading the Pokemon Ranch photos from our previous marathon.

To end the post, what you do you guys and gals think should be our donation goal for the 72 hour Mario Marathon?

TSG’s Week Ahead (10/31) Happy Halloween!

Not a whole lot has been going on in TSG Land.

-I got word this week of several amazing prizes that we will have for the Mario Marathon. You might be able to guess what part our grand prize will be 😉

-From 4pm-6pm tonight there will be a Halloween stream on live.thespeedgamers.com. Giraffes will be streaming Costume Quest and giving away a Double Fine bundle.

-Our 2013 marathon video is just about done and will be posted in a couple of weeks.

-Podcast 27 will be recorded soon.

-Pictures from our previous marathon of the Pokemon Ranch will be uploaded soon to our forums.

-Luigi Awareness in our forums will begin tomorrow! Be on the lookout 🙂

TSG’s Week Ahead (10/23)

It’s time once again to give you guys the low down on what we’ve accomplished this past week and what to look forward to in the week ahead.

Podcast 26 was finally released. We talked about several subjects that revolved around the WiiU. We plan on recording ep 27 sometime in the next 2 weeks.

-I’m about 40% done with the 2013 marathon’s promo. I plan on posting it sometime in early November.

-The November 12-hour stream to thank our community for demolishing our October goal will be on Sunday November 25th from noon until midnight (central). We have been setting an $80 goal each month to offset website fees as well as shipping fees. It has gone spectacularly. Thank you guys so much for your support! Typically the stream will be at the beginning of the month but because of other commitments I have early on in the month I think the last weekend would work better.

-The marketing team will be hosting a community event starting in just over a week called “Luigi Appreciation Month”. Details will be posted in the forums soon. Sign up to the forums and participate to win some sweet prizes.

-The Pumpkin carving contest only has about a week left so be sure to get your submissions in!

-Giraffes continues on with his playthrough of Dark Souls for Darktoberfest.  He will be streaming Tu (tonight),Wed and Thurs starting at 7:30pm each evening.

-It seems we have a scuffle going on in the forums for the battle of admin supremacy. KmmGreen vs  JdTwins

To stay up to date on TheSpeedGamers, keep checking back on our website, forum, Twitter and Facebook

TSG’s Week Ahead (10/10)

Whats going on this week for TheSpeedGamers?

-We will be announcing the charity we are gaming for (Mario Marathon) within the next week.

-Local has implemented a chat into the top of our forums, go check it out!

-Local has also added a sponsors page that shows everyone who has donated to support TSG’s costs.

-Community member KyleTheDarkN has converted our Pokemon marathon recordings so I will start putting together a retrospective for our youtube.

-Giraffes continues Darktoberfest  this evening (Wednesday 10/10) @7:30 pm as well as tomorrow night on live.thespeedgamers.com. Also, if you’re up a bit late, there is a late night stream of Worms Revolution tonight from 11pm-2am.

-This Friday (10/12) is our Free Game Friday giveaway stream from 8pm-10pm. Giraffe’s will be doing Cave Story for FGF.

The 3rd annual Pumpkin Carving contest topic is up.

-That ever so elusive podcast should also be recorded sometime this week.


TSG’s Week Ahead

Here’s what you can expect from TheSpeedGamer’s this week and in the foreseeable future.

-In the streaming department, Giraffe’s will continue slaying evil in Dark Souls this Thursday and throughout the month of October. I (Britt) will be streaming for 12 hours straight this Sunday October 7th as a thank you for all the help the community has given us.

-We have put up a new donation goal ($80) to pay for October’s web fees which has already been met! If you would like to chip in, the donation widget is on the right hand side of our webpage and at the top of the forums.

-Consistency with Podcasts is something we have always been lacking and we are trying to come up with a new formula that would help us. We should have a new podcast coming soon and hopefully a steady flow to follow.

– It’s October so that mean its time again for our annual pumpkin carving contest. I’ll be making a youtube video soon to promote the contest and a forum thread where you can post your pictures and/or video of your video game themed pumpkin.

If you have any ideas or things you would like to see out of TheSpeedGamer’s, let us know in the comments below..mad rhymes