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Rumor: Four More “Nintendo Selects” Games On The Way

If you’ve been out of the loop for a few months, Nintendo recently revived their “Player’s Choice” line of games. They’ve given it a fancy new logo and a new name, Nintendo Selects. Nintendo Selects are Wii Titles which are lower than the normal price point.

Currently the only titles for Nintendo Selects are

  • Animal Crossing: City Folk
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (North America)
  • Mario Strikers Charged Football (Europe)
  • Mario Super Sluggers (North America)
  • WarioWare Smooth Moves (Europe)
  • Wii Sports

You can pick these badboys up for $19.99 USD (Only applying to the titles released in North America)

There’s talk of four more titles becoming Nintendo Selects status. The rumor states that Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Galaxy will be making their way in August.

That’s not a bad selection of games either, although Mario Strikers Charged is already in Europe. It’ll be nice to see these games at budget price, especially since a new copy of Super Paper Mario is still like $40 at Wal-Mart.

Keep in mind this is just a rumor at it’s current state, we will keep you updated if information is subject to change.


Nintendo of America Rains on Operation Rainfall’s Parade

Bad puns aside, this post is one typed by a grieving American Wii gamer… Nintendo of America just announced on their Twitter that they have no plans to ever bring Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower, or The Last Story to North America.

While this might look like the final nail in the coffin for ever seeing these titles stateside, there are still other routes- like the one taken by Solatorobo: Red the Hunter; where Nintendo published it in Europe but XSeed is handling the North American side of things(Coming July 1st in Europe, this Fall in North America- Just a helpful reminder). So instead of kicking a dead horse when it comes to Nintendo translating and importing the title, maybe all that’s needed for Operation Rainfall to succeed is for one of the many ‘importing’ publishers to pick up the licenses for these extremely anticipated titles.

UPDATED: Kirby TV Wii Channel For Europe, Unconfirmed for US

Yes, you read that right – From the Official Nintendo Magazine UK website, the lovable pink ball is getting his own TV channel, filled with brand new episodes of Kirby’s cartoon, consisting of fifty episodes.

While this is from the UK website, this means there is no indication whether the Americans are getting the same deal as those in the UK, but the free channel – yes, free, zip to pay – will be updated twice a week, with a new episode on a Monday, then a Thursday. While the first episode will always be there, as episodes become older, they will be taken down to make way for the newer ones.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally watching these –  Kirby Right Back At Ya was shown around in 2003 on a children’s channel in the UK, and distributed by 4Kids! in America.


EDIT: Turns out the episodes are Kirby: Right Back At Ya – still free, but sadly not the new episodes – thanks for rctgamer3 for giving us more info.


Nintendo Download Store, 3DS Updated

As some of you might have experienced, last week’s 3DS 2.0.0-2U update gave users the eShop, Web Browser, and the ability to pause time in Ridge Racer. Oh wait, that’s just the game freezing…

Well anyway, that little nagging issue has been resolved in the 2.1.0-3U update just starting to roll out, in addition to a general upgrade in system stability as a whole.

So since you don’t have to worry about your new hardware crashing, how about you celebrate by downloading some games for it? Nintendo’s also added a new title to the 3DS eShop, as well as a few by means of DSiWare.

If you want to get your retro on, you can now buy the Game Boy edition of Donkey Kong for a measly $3.99.

Also available via DSiWare are Gold Fever(500 Points, $4.99), Zimo: Mahjong Fanatic(200 Points, $199), Beach Party Craze(800 Points, $7.99), and Hidden Photo(500 Points, $4.99).

Not wanting to leave the Wii out of the party, the big N’s added one new title each for Virtual Console, WiiWare, and WiiWare Demos.

On the Virtual Console stage is Mega Man 5(500 Points), which I really hope will be seeing a 3DS port as well(Sooner than later please!).

With WiiWare, there’s Snail Mail(600 Points) and a demo for BIT.TRIP FLUX(Demo: Free, Full Version: 800 Points).

So there’s this week’s store updates, go play already!

Wii U says Hello to Wii Controllers, Games, Goodbye GameCube

While most of us agree that the Wii U is an innovative, possibly groundbreaking console that will no doubt continue making waves until its release in 2012, there’s still plenty of things we just don’t know about it yet. Some new information recently emerged regarding the use of its touchscreen controller as well as what type of disk the system will use.

Ideally, most Wii U titles would be designed around the use of only 1 of the new controllers, with the console possibly not supporting multiple of the new tablet/controller hybrids. For multiplayer, most games will recycle Wii MotionPlus Remotes with one player wielding the sought-after super-controller. At the same time, though, it is possible that use of a 3DS as a controller might be a viable substitute, according to an interview news.com.au had with Shigeru Miyamoto.

Also, the Wii U will be utilizing a proprietary disk format which will store 25GB, on par with a PS3’s single-layer Blu-Ray disk. Since Sony owns Blu-Ray technology, that format was out of the question and led to Nintendo creating their own. It is notable to mention that the Wii U is also compatible with all Wii titles, although they will not be scaled up to HD.

This does come with a bit of sad news, however, as it is reported that although the Wii U is backwards compatible with original Wii titles, it will not play GameCube games; meaning that our cute mini-disks are a dying breed.

(Sources: news.com.au, Nintendo Life)

Rumour: The Last Story Coming To Europe

Hands up if you know who Mistwalker are? No? They’re the company behind Lost Oddysey and Blue Dragon, two rather spectacular RPG’s that were released on the 360 a few years back. It’s been radio silence from them since a second sequel for Blue Dragon on the DS, however a UK Nintendo Rep recently said that European Wii owners could expect to see their latest, so far Japanese exclusive offering, The Last Story, somepoint in the future.




For those unfamiliar with The Last Story, I don’t blame you – details are rather scarce, as you’d expect with Japanese exclusives, as to the plot and setting, though the game is a third person, cover based RPG – using crossbows in a similar fashion to most cover based shooters. While nothing official has been announced from Nintendo Global Headquarters, it would be strange to have a game released in the UK before the USA.


Source: http://www.n-europe.com

Chrono Trigger is coming to North American Virtual Console May 16th

Fans of what is considered to be one of the greatest JRPG’s of all time may be displeased to hear that Panzer Dragoon Saga hasn’t had a HD remake yet, but while you wait, why not play Chrono Trigger! In a statement by Square Enix, the game will be hitting North American Virtual Console on May 16th. For those of you who never played the original SNES version or even the Playstation one port (Or as we call them, Europeans), Chrono Trigger involves you and your party time hopping from era to era in order to stop an arcane wizard from summoning Lavos, a monster of Tarrasque proportions from destroying the world. Fans of the game are likely aware of the DS port containing two extra dungeons, an extra ending (the original game had thirteen depending when you fought the final boss) as well as retaining the ten animé cut scenes brought in from the Playstation One port. Most notable of the changes was that the game had a more literal translation of the text. The general consensus is that while the DS version has a more faithful script, the SNES retained most of the charm of the japanese version and it is usually prefered by fans of the game. The game will cost 800 points and while it has been confirmed for Europe, there is no release date so far so I guess I’ll have to get back to Final Fantasy VI.

Source: (Siliconera)

Pandora’s Tower recieves Four Minute long Trailer

Pandora’s Tower: Until I Return To Your Side is the latest project by Ganbarion, a company well-known for their work on the Jump! Super/Ultimate Stars! series as well as creating the One Piece games (One Piece: Gigant Battle which looks to be a fusion of Jump! with One Piece characters will be released in Europe this Summer). Pandora’s Tower is about Ceres, a girl cursed with a condition that causes her to return to a primeval instinct if not fed the meat of a beast living in Pandora’s Tower. You play as Ende, a friend of Celes who decides to infiltrate Pandora’s Tower to find this legendary meat. Gameplay resembles a cross between a Hack & Slash such as Dynasty Warriors with various flips, slashes and shots as seen in Sin & Punishment 2. Whilst playing through the game, Ende will have three upgradable weapons: Twin daggers that can be used to close range combat, a great sword for enemies that prove to be tough to fight and a long scythe that can be used for puzzle section as well as nifty combat tricks. The trailer can be found after the jump and the game is set to be released in Japan on May 26th.

Source: (Siliconera)

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Rumor: Nintendo’s Next Console to Lack Hard-drive

Nintendo took some heavy fire from critics and fans for not including any type of internal storage in the Wii. It looks like they haven’t taken it into account as reports coming in form Kotaku are hinting at the next console lacking a hard-drive as well. Reports say that it will instead come with a measly 8 GB of flash storage. It is leaps and bounds ahead of the Wii’s 512 MB, but it still isn’t up with the times. There are also reports saying that their new disc format will be able to store up to 25 GB and support up to 1080i or 1080p. It seems a bit strange that they would stop at 1080i, but really 720p is all you need unless you are playing on an insanely large TV so it isn’t a huge deal. I suspect if the reports of no hard-drive are true it may be a cost issue. Considering the system may have a controller with a screen in it and possibly greater than current generation graphics. This may be a way for Nintendo to keep their consoles selling at a profit. Also as an extra note I do know that the controller image is fake.



More Info on Pandora’s Tower

Pandora’s Tower is the recently announced Wii RPG being published by nintendo. Featuring a girl who has to eat the flesh of beast’s to keep from turning into one, and you has the person who fetches those beast’s.  The control scheme and actions that you can perform in the game are the main news here. The plot has your character wielding a chain that can rip flesh off of beast’s for the heroine, Ceres, to eat and and for swinging around and using it to contrain beasts to go in for the kill.


The whip like motion of the chain makes it seem like motion controls would be certain, however they are allowing you to control with a classic controller or a Wii Remote and Nunchuck. There are many doubts that this game will ever see a US release, but it sure looks interesting.