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Halo: Reach details

Halo Reach may not be the most hyped game in the Halo series, but there is one thing we can probably tell about it: It is Halo and it will probably be, at very least, pretty good.

The most recent issue of Game Informer has some exclusive details about the title that may get you a bit more excited for the title.

Halo Reach seems to be going back to the roots of the series, readopting some of the features from the original Halo. The shield/health system returns from the first title and many of the areas will be similar to the levels seen in the original Halo.

As of right now, arsenal wise, we know that the spike and flame grenades will not be in Halo: Reach. But there will be a new equipment slot where players can have power ups that can be swapped in and out.

As for the Visuals, Halo: Reach will be using a overhauled Halo 3 engine which allows for more units and objects to be on screen at once. The increased number of units on screen allows for large scale battles that players have yet to see in past Halo titles.

How do you feel about turning the franchise back around towards the first game’s mechanics?

(Via: Kotaku)

Splinter Cell: Conviction gets 2 players split screen

Splinter Cell: Conviction will be grabbing a local split screen multiplayer mode it seems. The single screen shot that was released can be seen after the jump. The caption that came with the screenshot says “Co-op mode split screen confirmed!” The game also includes online co-op as well.

Surprisingly, it seems that the game is going to keep most of it’s visual flair in the local multiplayer based off the single screenshot.We will have to wait and see some footage to see the multiplayer can keep up a steady frame rate.

You can pick up Splinter Cell: Conviction February 23rd in North America and February 26th in Europe for the X-box 360 and PC.

(Source: Joystiq)

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Mass Effect 3 already in development, plans on finishing up the trilogy before the next console cycle

Mass Effect 2 is about to come out later this month, but developer BioWare is already at work on the third installment of the trilogy. “We are already at work on Mass Effect 3, building the first bits of the story, putting that together.” BioWare’s project manager Casey Hudson said to IGN.

Of course there will still be a wait between the 2nd and 3rd game, so BioWare is putting a focus on creating quality DLC for Mass Effect 2 to keep players happy until the third installment arrives.

It seems like the developer is going to work as hard as possible to get the next title out ASAP. “We always wanted to make sure that we got the entire trilogy of games done within this console’s life cycle. We didn’t want to take forever with it, so we definitely want to make Mass Effect 3 a fairly short turnaround, but also being that it needs to be a tremendous and epic conclusion to the trilogy.

Mass Effect 2 has a January 26th release date in North America and a January 29th release date in Europe. You can find the title on both the X-box 360 and PC

(Source: IGN)

Rumor: Sonic Adventure heading to XBLA

A small Dutch SEGA fan site recently got a anonymous tip which told them Sonic Adventure was heading to X-box Live Arcade. To back it up a image was sent to them as well, which can be seen after the jump. The image shows listings for the demo, the full game, and a “Extend Package” for the title.

SEGA of Europe quickly swatted it down though with the website deleting the article leaving behind “This message has been deleted on request of SEGA Europe.

We also know that SEGA was talking to Sony about bringing back Dreamcast classics to the PSN service while also offering them a choice of exclusive titles. This would suggest they would be talking to Microsoft about bringing Dreamcast titles over as well.

(Source: Joystiq)

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Super Street Fighter IV screen shots and gameplay videos, new-ish fightpads

MadCatz is making more fight pads for Super Street Fighter IV. There will be tournament ones just like before along with normal ones. As of right now the only difference between these ones and the old Street Fighter IV fight pads is they have a new slim design and they feature different artwork on the front.

The tournament edition will be available for $149.99/£149.99 and the normal one will be available for $39.99/£39.99. They will be available on the day of Super Street Fighter IV’s release.

You can check out some gameplay, screen shots, and fightpad artwork after the jump.

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Microsoft announces Xbox Game Room (Update)

Although we had previously heard about it via a survey, Microsoft has announced that they will be opening a virtual arcade on X-box 360 and Games for Windows Live this spring.

The virtual arcade will launch with 30 arcade classics, but eventually will have over 1,000 games in the next three years. Each title will cost players somewhere between 240 and 400 Microsoft points for purchase. You can also play them old school style using 40 Microsoft points to replicate a coin-op arcade machine requiring you to pay 40 Microsoft points per play.

You will be able to customize your very own arcade rooms and challenge friends at titles that support it.

Update: You can check out the first 30 games to hit the service after the jump

(Source: Destructoid)

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Rumor: Final Fantasy Dissidia heading to PS3 and 360

According to a Japanese gaming magazine Final Fantasy Dissidia may be heading to the home consoles.

The article about Final Fantasy Dissidia listed the title for both the PlayStation 3 and X-box 360. This could quite possibly be a misprint, but it is worth noting.

You can check out the magazine scan after the jump.

(Source: TheBitBag)

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