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Trenched (Iron Brigade) Review

Trenched, or Iron Brigade as the original title was changed to (it’s still called Trenched in the US until November 30th, when it releases in Europe), is yet another stylized title in the portfolio of developer Double Fine Games. It takes the third person shooter genre and tilts it on its ear, adding in strong tower defense elements as your mechanized mobile armor, called a trench, stands guard against waves of various televised monstrosities, the pawns of two altered geniuses locked in battle with the fate of the world on the line. So is their arcade offering a blast, or is Iron Brigade shooting blanks?

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Daytona USA Coming to a Console Near You This Month

While Daytona USA may be familiar to most as “That game made by the people behind Outrun with an AMAZING soundtrack”, that description does a dis-service to one of the most influential arcade racing games ever. It’s amazing to think that an arcade game released 18 years ago would still be such a mainstay in arcades, showing how well the game has aged (Did I mention that the fastest racer in the Saturn port was a HORSE!)

As a testament to this, SEGA have not only announced the re release of Daytona USA for XBLA and PSN, but also confirmed that it will be available for download as soon as this month. The HD port will include touched up visuals (similar to Guardian Heroes which was released yesterday on XBLA) and online multi player to replicate the arcade feel to the finest detail (except digging into your pockets to find another quarter). The game will be released on October 26 for 800 Microsoft points and for $9.99 on PSN on October 25.

Source: (Siliconera)

Quantum Conundrum Announced with Gameplay Trailer

Fresh from the mind of Portal creator Kim Swift comes a new first-person physics-based puzzle game: Quantum Conundrum. You play as a child left on your uncle’s doorstep, your new guardian being an inventor who’s let his laboratory spread to the rest of his manor.

Following an unexplained explosion, you find your uncle missing and a strange glove on your hand that lets you change dimensions at will which aids you in your quest to find your uncle.

Quantum Conundrum is set to be released on PSN, XBLA, and PC early 2012 and after seeing the trailer below, I can hardly wait.

EDIT: Due to WordPress refusing to co-operate, I’m unable to post the really cool gameplay trailer here, but it’s available over at the source link.

 (Source: Gamespot)

Guardian Heroes HD remake coming to XBLA

Guardian Heroes was a Beat Em Up created by Treasure for the Sega Saturn and it is well-known for being one of the best games they ever made (Along with Radiant Silvergun which ironically was also on the Saturn… and is also being ported to XBLA). Guardian Heroes is part of Treasure’s XBLA conquest, with their XBLA consisting of Ikaruga, Bangai O HD: Missile Fury (Which came out on XBLA yesterday and it’s really awesome), Radiant Silvergun which is set to come out sometime this year and now Guardian Heroes soon after that. Unlike the previous games, the HD remake will not be done by Treasure themselves but will instead be done by SEGA. SEGA plans to include; HD visuals (obviously), Online co-op play (For anyone disappointed with Scott Pilgrim), Arranged modes, and a new battle mode that allows up to 12 players to play at once (The original Guardian Heroes had a versus mode that potentially gave you selection of 45 characters to play as, including boss characters). Unfortunately, there is no news of a release date yet although if you’re dying to play a Treasure game, why not give Bangai O: Missile Fury a try.

Source: (Siliconera)

Moon Diver Hitting XBLA May 4th

Moon Diver has been on PSN for about a month now and in that month, it has recieved various acclaims from its fans as an atypical example of the rebirth of the modern action genre (As with the other major action release of Hard Corps: Uprising). While an XBLA version of the PSN was confirmed, it is only until today that an actual release date has been confirmed. The game will be avaliable on XBLA on May 4th which is interesting considering it comes out on the same day as Treasure’s first original offering on XBLA: Bangai O HD: Missile Fury. For those who haven’t bought the demo for themselves but have access to PSN, A demo is avaliable there to see whether the game if to your tastes or not (It’s definetly a very polarising game as far as 2D scrolling action games go). The game will be avaliable for 800MSP which corresponds to the price of its original PSN release.

Source: (Siliconera)

Bangai O HD: Missile Fury shoots to XBLA May 4th

Bangai O HD: Missile Fury is the latest fast paced action game by Treasure (The creators of Light Crusader, Stretch Panic and other AAA titles that were way ahead of their time). The game will be the third game in the Bangai series, the first being Bangai O for the N64 and Sega Dreamcast and the second being Bangai O Spirits for the Nintendo DS. While the game will contain the features that made the previous two games so good (Excellent level design, a wide arsenal of weapons, a ludicrous story and most importantly of all, blowing a lot of stuff up), the game will expand on the previous game’s strengths as well as providing 100 levels, a level editor and co-op play (Missile Fury was originally set for a Winter release date however it was delayed due to Treasure wanting to improve the multiplayer mode). The game is set to be released on XBLA on May 4th for 800MSP and it can’t come soon enough (Wasn’t Radiant Silvergun supposed to be out this spring anyway?)

Source: (Joystiq)

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Announced

Toy Soldiers, not the movie with David Cross where toy’s come to life, but the Xbox Live Arcade game is getting a sequel. The first game was a sort of tower defense action strategy game where you placed bunkers and planes and other units to battle off waves of enemies on a tabletop. The major twist being that you could take control of any unit in the game to help out in destroying the enemy in a quicker fashion. The developer, Signal Studios, has now announced that the sequel will take place during The Coldwar. The game will feature online and split screen Co-op modes and you can check it out at the PAXEast booth #850 along with Gunstringer, Fire Pro Wrestling, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, and Trenched. You can also check out the trailer after the jump and see the added Rambo, Apaches, and crazy destructible buildings.


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Bangai O: Missile Fury recieves new Screenshots and Trailers

Bangai is one of Treasure’s most polarising series. Some think of the series as a no holds bared free of all which intertwines well designed puzzles with the high octane action that Treasure is known for, while others think that the whole game is a disjointed mess. Being someone who is in the former group, it is with great pleasure that I announce the release of more Screenshots along with two brand new trailers of the psuedo-sequel. The trailers display the games co-op mode for the first time as well as a trailer with random (awesome) footage spliced together. Screenshots and trailers alike (Powered by TSGPress! Your one stop site to all the latest gaming news!) after the jump.

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Ubisoft: “Keep the Faith” in Beyond Good and Evil 2

It seems like its been forever since we’ve seen Beyond Good and Evil 2. Mid 2008 and we still haven’t see any official media since the announcement trailer, although there was one leaked video of gameplay some months after.

Beyond Good and Evil fans should still be excited though. An HD rerelease is heading PSN and XBLA next month. Eurogamer got in contact with the producer of the HD remake, Wang Xu. His response was: “Keep the faith.

While he jokingly plugs-in, “Yes it is true; please buy Beyond Good & Evil HD if you want more BG&E games,” it surely won’t hurt the chances of the sequel’s release.

Hopefully there will be some teaser footage or something in the HD remake.

Strania hitting XBLA March 30th

The Xbox Live Arcade has a decent backlog of SHmups involving remakes of old classics such as R Type Dimensions, Danmaku’s such as CAVE’s own Guwange and… Whatever the hell Triggerheart Exelcia is. Which makes it all the more interesting that G Rev who helped publish the aformationed Triggerheart as well as creating the MASTERPIECE that is Senko no Ronde DUO as well as the respectible Mamoru Kun (Which is known as pretty much the only PS3 Retail SHmup) and the Dramcast Cult hits that are Under Defeat and Border Down, released more details about their latest XBLA project entitled Strania.

Strania is thematically designed to resemble that of an 80’s shooter except with Mechas. Your mecha can hold three weapons, one in each hand plus a reserve item. Weapons include homing missiles, lasers, bombs, a bullet that bounces, and a sword. Pressing the B button cycles through the different configurations. If you have a sword and a gun your mecha will slash then shoot. It’s possible to pick up two swords, which gives you a special attack. Strania will contain 5 main stages with a 6th stage avaliable if you beat the game on hard mode. The game will be released worldwide on XBLA on March 30th and the rather awesome trailer can be found after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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