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Trenched (Iron Brigade) Review

Trenched, or Iron Brigade as the original title was changed to (it’s still called Trenched in the US until November 30th, when it releases in Europe), is yet another stylized title in the portfolio of developer Double Fine Games. It takes the third person shooter genre and tilts it on its ear, adding in strong tower defense elements as your mechanized mobile armor, called a trench, stands guard against waves of various televised monstrosities, the pawns of two altered geniuses locked in battle with the fate of the world on the line. So is their arcade offering a blast, or is Iron Brigade shooting blanks?

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Resident Evil Selections Heading West – First Look

Famitsu broke the news yesterday that Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code Veronica X were inbound for an HD remake in Japan. Today we find out that the titles will be heading to North America and Europe as well, but via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network! Both titles are set to release this fall.


Capcom has released some comparison shots for Resident Evil 4 HD. It gives the title a nice clean shine. I don’t recall the title looking as bad as Capcom’s ‘before’ shots, but it does look better. Capcom has yet to release any comparison shots for Code Veronica X HD, but they did release one screenshot along with another random Resident Evil 4 HD screenshot on the title’s website.

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Trine 2 ‘Alluring Adventure’ Gameplay Trailer

The developer Frozenbyte (the creator of the first Trine game) has released a new trailer showing off some gameplay footage of Trine 2. According to Frozenbyte, the trailer shows only in-game material; so, what you see is what you’ll get out of this sequel to a comfortably successful title.



Not only does the gameplay look better than the first Trine (as far as graphics and creative stage settings go), but Frozenbyte has decided to incorporate a few interesting mechanics into the puzzle aspect of the game. They also appear to have implemented a host of new mobs, as well as including online and offline co-op.


If the first Trine raised your eyebrow in the least, do yourself a favor and check Frozenbyte’s community page that lists trailers for Trine 2.


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XBLA Disc Based Bundle Coming

Apparently Microsoft thinks they can make some more money off of their Xbox Live Arcade games if they put them on a disc. They are putting out a bundle that includes 3 of the best XBLA exclusive games from the past couple of years with Limbo, Splosion Man, and Trials HD. This is also good news for all of the kids out there that just don’t have the ability to buy games online can get at these 3 fantastic little games at the price of 30 dollars.



Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 in “Early Development” Stages

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 was met with some mixed reactions, but still overall reviewed pretty well. How did it do on the market though? Pretty good according to Sonic 4’s Brand Manager, Ken Balough. And because of that, Episode 2 will be on the way, along with a bigger development budget!

How long till we get the title? It might be awhile. According to Balough, the title is in “early development,” and that they are looking at all the issues with the first title to try to create a better experience. They have also internally determined how many episodes are planned, but did not reveal the number. Although he did reveal that they plan on making the zones in this title all new.

I played the demo for Sonic 4 and that’s about it. I noticed the controls were a bit floaty, but didn’t seem like something I couldn’t get used to.

How did you feel about Sonic 4: Episode 1? What do you want Episode 2 to bring to the table?

(Source: SonicStadium)

Coming Soon to Xbox Live Arcade

Stuff is on the way to Xbox Live Market Place! Unfortunately, not much new stuff. But still, there is still stuff!

The only new title Zeit 2, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade January 12th for 800 points. Otherwise, more titles are heading to Xbox Live OnDemand, including Crackdown 2 and Dante’s Inferno.

This week is also zombie week on Xbox Live. Save some money on titles like Zombie Apocalypse (400 points) and Plants vs. Zombies (800 points).

You can check out the full update after the jump.

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Coming Soon to Xbox Live Marketplace

Xbox Live Marketplace doesn’t exactly have any mind blowing new titles coming this week, but there is still some awesome stuff!

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is getting its Vietnam add-0n (1200 Microsoft Points) December 21st, the hit title Red Dead Redemption will be added for Xbox Games On Demand, and there is a crap load of savings on great games this week including Super Meat Boy (800 points), Banjo Tooie (600 points), Comic Jumper (800 points), and more!

You can check out the full update from Major Nelson’s Blog after the jump.

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Coming Soon to Xbox Live Market Place

A little late on this one, guys. But aside from some Avatar clothing for NBA Collection and Trials HD, pretty much everything here is still on the way.

Unfortunatel no new actual games, but there are quite a few good deals here. You can pick up Bejeweled 2 (400 MS points, 50% off) Tetris Splash (400 Microsoft Points, 50 percent off) and Zuma (200 Microsoft Points, 50 percent off) all at a discounted price. You can also start picking up Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Army of TWO: The 40th Day off On Demand.

You can check out all the upcoming additions to the marketplace after the jump.

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Coming Soon to Xbox Live Marketplace

There is a lot to get excited in the upcoming updates to the marketplace! The second Dreamcast title for XBLA, Crazy Taxi (800 Microsoft points) will be available. For add-on content, Mafia II’s Joe’s Adventure (800 points), and the Halo: Reach Map Pack (800 points) will be available later in the month.

Those without an Xbox Live Gold account will also be able to try all the features of a Gold account from November 25th to November 29th.

You can check out the full update after the jump.

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MicroBot – A New Way To Destroy Brain Cells

MicroBot is a new twin-stick shooter from EA Games. The game is about a company called MicroHexon that has perfected microscopic robots that can be injected into patients to boost their immune system against otherwise incurable diseases. As always, nothing ever goes to plan and the first generation of MicroBots are trying to take control of the body. So MicroHexon has created a new batch of MicroBots to find out whats going wrong and stop it.

You will be in control of one of these new bots and just like any other twin-stick shooter will use one stick to move and the other to shoot. Along your journey in the human body you will find atoms to boost your health and upgrade your bot. Keep an eye out for data pads that can be used to unlock 22 customizations for your bot. With local co-op you can gang up with a buddy to defeat the evil bots together.

There are 4 different levels under various themes in MicroBot – blood levels where you realistically flow with the liquid and other particles or a claustrophobic bone section without much room to navigate whilst fighting enemy bots.

This game is set to be launched on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in Winter 2010/2011 and in my opinion the game looks quite intriguing. Looks very fresh and different.

(Source: IGN)