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Xenoblade Chronicles to be released in the United Kingdom on August 19th

In a news item that would interest some of our UK readers, the release date for Xenoblade Chronicles for Europe has been moved forward from September 2nd to August 19th (One day after my Birthday… Joy). For any Europeans or potential importers, a Special Edition of the game is also available for pre order. The Special Edition contains a red Classic Controller Pro (as with the Special Edition of Monster Hunter Tri) as well as three exclusive posters signed by Tetsuya Takahashi (the head of Monolith Software). Along with it’s uniquely British voice-acting (Which the gaming industry could use more of rather than hiring Nolan North for everything), humongous landscapes and unique gameplay, Xenoblade Chronicles ranks up with The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower as some of the best Wii games for gamers to look forward to during 2011.

Source: (Siliconera)

Xenoblade Voice Actor Tweets Release Month

Nintendo still isn’t ready to talk Xenoblade Chronicles‘ release date officially, but Peter Dickson is! Peter Dickson confirmed on his twitter that he plays the role of Emperor Sorean in the game. At the end of his tweet he said, ” Out Sept.”


So the date could change, but September is as good as month as any. Nintendo of America has yet to confirm the release for North America, but they did register a domain name for Xenoblade Chronicles. So hopefully that will work out.


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Nintendo Foreshadowing Slim 2011 Line-Up for Wii?

If you’re a Wii owner in North America or Europe, there hasn’t been much for you in 2011. Mario Sports Mix… Mario Sports Mix… That’s really the only title we’ve had launch this year. We’re in April and we’ve only see one Wii release by Nintendo. So what is Nintendo telling their fans right now? ‘Wait till E3, then we’ll blow your mind!’ With E3 2010’s line-up of Wii titles, that definitely seems possible. But are recent moves by Nintendo of America and Europe suggesting a slim line-up for E3 2011?


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Nintendo of America Relists Xenoblade

I’ve had a bad week, so I’m going to do a me post time. A post for me, and maybe like two other people who care. XENOBLAD! Did you know Nintendo removed it from thier release list in North America? Back in November Nintendo removed the title, pretty much spelling the death of the localization.

Out of some miracle, the title has re-emerged. Unfortunately, not giving us anything else really new. The title is still listed under its previous name Monado: Beginning of the New World with a TBA date.

Strange that Nintendo would remove it and then place it back on the release list. Either way, it makes me happy. Maybe at E3! Me post time is over.

(Source: Siliconera)
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Monolith Soft beginning new Project

From their inception, Monolith Soft have has an interesting track recod of games including: Baten Kaitos (Awful), Xenosaga Episodes 1 & 2 (Awful), Xenosaga 3 (masterpiece), Baten Kaitos Origins (Would be awsome if it was released in the UK) and Xenoblade (XENOBLAD). And straight of the release of their last game, Monolith have started work on an unannounced project. They are even recruiting new people for their company such as a new 2D designer and effect designer (No TSG Writers though). A static picture shows a U.F.O object crashed into the ground as the only hint towards the new project. I personally hoping for a PNO3 esque KOS-MOS based action shooter game though it’s open to interpretation.

Source: (Andriasang)

Xenoblade Trailer 4 Plus More Footage

Xenoblade! Of course, I am posting this. After the jump you can find the fourth trailer along with random bits of footage from the Japanese Xenoblade Iwata Asks.

The fourth trailer is pretty neat-o-poteto, but sounds like it has the Titanic theme the background.

Xenoblade launches in Japan next week. It has yet to be announced for North America or Europe, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for E3.

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New Xenoblade Trailer and More Videos

After the jump you can find a full 7 minutes worth of Xenoblade goodness! There are three commercials, one lasting 30 seconds and the other two lasting 15 seconds.

The commercials didn’t really show anything new, but the new trailer does. It is a full six minute trailer, and shows you a really well rounded look at the game’s features.

Xenoblade launches exclusively on the Wii in a few weeks in Japan. I’m crossing my fingers that we see a localized version confirmed at E3.  If they don’t, I’ll probably rage, go into denial, and then over time possibly import.

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Xenoblade Battle Details and Footage

Aha! Finally we get some footage and details of the battle system in Xenoblade. It has been almost a year since we have seen it in motion. It may be best to watch the footage first, then read on. Monolith Software’s games battle systems can get quite confusing.

If you know me, I’m a Monolith Software fanboy, or at least of their battle systems. So I’m going to stick the details after the jump, because I’ll probably go into a significant amount of detail.

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