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Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Review

With the DS getting killed off by its 3D-capable big brother, it’s becoming harder and harder to find new titles for the original system that are more than mere shovelware. With this game being the spiritual successor to a cult classic and hidden gem of the PSX, as well as being a decade in the making, is Solatorobo: Red the Hunter a well nurtured developer’s dream or is it a little too aged to stand on its own against the competition? Continue reading Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Review

Nintendo of America Rains on Operation Rainfall’s Parade

Bad puns aside, this post is one typed by a grieving American Wii gamer… Nintendo of America just announced on their Twitter that they have no plans to ever bring Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower, or The Last Story to North America.

While this might look like the final nail in the coffin for ever seeing these titles stateside, there are still other routes- like the one taken by Solatorobo: Red the Hunter; where Nintendo published it in Europe but XSeed is handling the North American side of things(Coming July 1st in Europe, this Fall in North America- Just a helpful reminder). So instead of kicking a dead horse when it comes to Nintendo translating and importing the title, maybe all that’s needed for Operation Rainfall to succeed is for one of the many ‘importing’ publishers to pick up the licenses for these extremely anticipated titles.

Trails in the Sky gets Limited Edition, Ys I & II gets released in US & UK on same day

More TitS? Ys Please! For any European gamers out there, it should be noted that Ys: Oath of Felghana was released on PSN recently to anyone interested. As well as this, XSEED confirmed on Facebook that Ys 1 & II would be released on Febuary 22nd for the US AND the UK. To my knowledge, the only time the UK has recieved a Ys game that the US has not is Ys Strategy: A SRPG spinoff to the series (As some members here would know about isn’t that right Caramel?). For gamers interested in Falcom’s other titles, the Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky will recieve a premium version filled with lts of extra content. The content includes: A Soundtrack CD, A Bracer Guild Badge and dissapointing poster instead of a figurine or a Bust (DOHOHO). Either way, the game will be released in the US sometime this March, much to the excitement of TitS fans.

Source: (Siliconera)

Ys Seven Collectors Edition has Stuff

Looking forward to Ys Seven on the PSP? Then you should preorder yourself the lovely collectors edition for the title.

The collectors edition includes a sound track CD with 20 tracks, a 12.5″ by 34″ cloth map, and a 60 page art book covering art from Ys Seven, Ys: The Oath of Felghana, and Ys I&II Chronicles. And of course, as a cherry on top, you get a special box, although the box is not very special this time around.

The collectors edition will run for $49.99, a $20 increase over the standalone game.  But its got some fun swag. You can check it out after the jump.

(Source: Siliconera)

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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony hitting March 2nd in North America

Xseed Games announced that the PSP remake of Lunar: The Silver Star will be launching March 2nd in North America.

The remake includes new graphics, event scenes, and remastered audio along with a new localization of the script.

The game will retail for $29.99 for the standard edition, but those willing to go the extra mile can throw down an extra $10 for a special edition. The special edition includes a sound track and thirteen cards featuring the women of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony.

(Source: Siliconera)