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Yakuza of the End got out to a Retailer

We can be completely certain now that the reason for the delay of Yakuza of the End is its post-apocalyptic nature. In the midst of the current issues in Japan, they probably wanted to wait a while to release it.

Sixty of the games and their bonus karaoke discs made it to a specific retailer in Japan. The retailer released an image of the games to the public, however he is going to be sending them back to Sega. It’s very interesting to me that the retailer would be this honorable, especially considering how many leaks happen in America.


Game Cancelation and Multiple Game Delays Due to Earthquake

With the situation in Japan, people have a lot more important concerns than releasing video game software. Hence a handful of titles will be affected. As mentioned in a previous post, Yakuza of the End has been pushed back to a To Be Announced release.  Sony’s Motor Storm 3 Apocalypse has been pushed back to a TBA release as well, this title should still be scheduled for a March 16th release in Europe and an April release in North America, but we will update you if the situation changes.


Oddly enough, despite not having any disaster themes to them, Capcom has also delayed the release of the Jill and Shuma Gorath DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. There’s no word on if this also effects the North American release, but we’ve reached out to Capcom and we will update you when they respond.


And finally, the long running series Disaster Report canceled its upcoming fourth entry. The title takes place in Japan during a crisis state, covering all those currently touchy subjects like earthquakes. Unfortunately for IREM, the title was near completion, so all that money is down the drain for now.


Either way, a few delays and a cancellation of a title doesn’t even come close to all the devastation in Japan right now. We hope the best for not just game developers, but everyone in Japan and their families who has had to, and are still going through this tough time.


(Source: Kotaku)

Yakuza of the End Delayed

This news isn’t incredibly surprising in light of recent events because of both the apocalyptic style the game and the state of where it is being developed. It seems that while Japan is getting itself together in the wake of this devastating quake there will be lots of delays. Hopefully no one on the dev team is hurt or suffering best wishes to all of them. The game has currently been labeled at TBA for release date.


So Many Zombies in Yakuza of the End Gameplay Trailer

Yakuza of the End has zombies, lots of zombies. How many zombies? Look yourself after the jump.

Yakuza of the End’s latest trailer shows some zombie slaying gameplay, that looks quite similar to Left 4 Dead, but in Japan. Zombies are everywhere and you need to put bullets in their heads.

Despite all the rotting flesh wandering town, Kazuma and his comrades still find the time to chill with some hostesses, play mahjong, gamble with slot machines and more. The hostesses can even fight zombies with you! The perfect date!

The title is set to launch in Japan 2011. North Americans are scheduled to get the zombie-free Yakuza 4 early next year.

(Trailer Source: VG247)
(Image Source: andriasang)

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Yakuza 5 is a Zombie Game

In a turn of events I don’t think anyone actually anticipated Yakuza 5 is a zombie game. Kamurocho is overrun with zombies and the defense force can not handle it.

The Yakuza series has been lauded for it’s very accurate depiction of Japan both in the cities and in the culture and the games have a very unique crime based story that is rare in RPG’s. Now they have sort of lost that initial charm, but considering this is supposed to be the final game there is no better way to go out with a bang than zombies out of left field.

(Source: Andriasang)

Sega to Broadcast TGS Stage Events Through Ustream

Along with a bunch of other developers Sega will be broadcasting their TGS stage events on Ustream. This includes things like Vanquish, Shiren The Wanderer 5, and Yakuza of the end. Attempting to keep up with the many different Ustreams may be a hassle but atleast it gives us a little something to watch so we don’t miss out on something interesting.

You can get a list of the highlights after the jump courtesy of Andriasang.

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