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Buy SEGA Swag and Help Japan

If you have a deep wallet and are looking to help Japan, you might want to head over to SEGA of America’s Ebay page. You’ll find awesome swag like tons of Sonic gear, signed games, Yakuza 4 T-shirts, a Dreamcast hoodie and backpack, Valkyria Chronicles poster board art and many more items.


A lot of this stuff isn’t just your average everyday gear though. Being on a bid system, the prices are starting to rise. The most expensive is the previously mentioned Valkyria Chronicles poster board art, with the highest bid currently at $560 with five days still left in the running. Although there are still some lower priced items ranging from $30 and below. So you’re not entirely out of luck if your wallet doesn’t have a launch PS3 in it.


100% of the proceeds will be going towards the American Red Cross to support its aid in Japan. So even if you do pay way too much money for something, at least you can safely say it was for a good cause.

Yakuza 5 is a Zombie Game

In a turn of events I don’t think anyone actually anticipated Yakuza 5 is a zombie game. Kamurocho is overrun with zombies and the defense force can not handle it.

The Yakuza series has been lauded for it’s very accurate depiction of Japan both in the cities and in the culture and the games have a very unique crime based story that is rare in RPG’s. Now they have sort of lost that initial charm, but considering this is supposed to be the final game there is no better way to go out with a bang than zombies out of left field.

(Source: Andriasang)

Yakuza 4 in America Awoah-o

Yakuza 4 has been confirmed for a US release this spring. There is no real news of whether or not the more intrinsically Japanese elements such as the Host and Hostess clubs will make their way over as well. Yakuza has had an interesting history in America. The first game got an incredible Localization including voices from known actors. When that game didn’t sell the localizations have seen a wane in quality and for a long time there was no reason to believe that 3 was ever going to get localized. At least we know we are still getting more of the games.

Check out the announcement trailer after the jump.

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PS3 Yakuza Follow Up to be Announced in Full on September 9th

While we just recently by some kind of miracle recieved Yakuza 3 on PS3 from Sega. Japan is currently on their 6th game in the francise and the 5th of the main series. There is a teaser site up teasing some sort of solid announcement for the actual game a little bit before TGS. I assume that it will also have some sort of presense at TGS as one of Sega’s most popular games in Japan.

You can check out the promo images after the jump.

(Source: Andriasang)

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Yakuza Goes Portable In Next Entry

Remember that Yakuza related Project K teaser? Well apparently, that teaser was of a PlayStation Portable spin-off for the series.

Details are currently scarce, but we do know that the main character will not be Kazuma. Instead, players will take control of a younger character named Tatsuya Ukyo.

You can check out the scan from Famitsu after the jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

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New Yakuza Title Already in Development

A new entry in the Yakuza series is already on the way. The title announced as “Project K” only had a short teaser video shown.

The video showed the Kamurocho neon entrance sign found in the other Yakuza titles and a young man walking in the rain with the following text appearing on screen.

  • The boy knew it
  • The graveness of the crimes he continued to commit
  • But the boy still doesn’t know
  • The cruel fate that awaits
  • Also, the boy knows
  • That fighting is his destiny

Then the video ends with “A new challenge for Ryu ga Gotoku starts.” Currently there are no other details for the title or whether it is Yakuza 5 or a side story.

You can see a teaser image after the jump.

(Source: andrisang)

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Sega leaks Sega/Sony plans

Sega accidentally released details of a Sega/Sony meeting from August 5th. The meeting touched on multiple topics, but here are the interesting tidbits.

Their looking into putting PS2 and Dreamcast games on PSN, 2010 (March in specific for Japan) launch for Sony’s motion controller, A import section on PSN (Specifically mentioned Yakuza series) with minimal localization; example: translated menus and subtitles , and a Sonic Anniversary Collection with all the old Sonic games on a  single Blu-ray disc.

These are just plans though, so they could have changed since then. But it gives us a glimpse at what Sony and Sega may be bringing for the future. You can check out the full list of details over on Neogaf’s forums.

Sega still considering Yakuza 3 for localization

I’m not really sure if anyone in our community is familiar with the Yakuza series. Chances are if you are a die hard Shenmue fan then you have probably at least  heard of it since its the closest you can get to the Shenmue franchise.

The First two Yakuza titles came to North America and Europe, but due to low sales the franchise became dead in the water. Yakuza 3 has been out in Japan for quite some time and with Yakuza 4‘s announcement possibly coming at the Tokyo Game Show it didn’t seem likely the world outside of Japan would ever see the series again.

But the tides have changed a little with a Sega employee saying on the PlayStation BlogYakuza 3 is not cancelled – and the possibility for localizing it does, in fact, still exist…the game still remains a big point of discussion for many people here at SEGA, and especially those of us on SEGA’s community team.

While this doesn’t confirm localization it definitely gives new found hope to Yakuza fans. If we do see it outside of Japan, hopefully it will be before Yakuza 4 hits.