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OILD – Snowcap Mountain

WHO’S READY FOR THE MARATHON? You know I am! The OILD ’11 Facebook page is still up! And let’s not forget our fine friends over at Fantasy Kingdoms! Have you all collected the items I made yet? Anyway, today’s level is from a game well-loved by Starmen.net and Fangamer. It’s Snowcap Mountain, from Mother 3!

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OILD – Ice Area

The fourth day of OILD is upon us. HOORAY! Have you visited the OILD ’11 Facebook page? You should! And have you been playing Fantasy Kingdoms? You’d better be! What if I told you some upcoming items were drawn by me? Clearly that in and of itself is a selling point. And yes, I promise they’re not hideous rainbow nightmares like I usually draw. You can actually tell what the items are supposed to be in FK! Anyway, let’s look at an ice level from a nifty little indie game. It’s the Ice Area, from Spelunky!

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OILD – Yeti Lair

And now for some madness. Pure, undiluted madness. See, the good cheer of season makes me happy. So happy that I could get incoherent at times (as if any of my ideas are coherent anyway)! So it’s only fitting that I talk about one of the craziest levels in the one of the craziest games ever. It’s the Yeti’s Lair, from Metal Slug 3!

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OILD – Winterspring

So, you all have been spreading the word, right? Because the marathon’s getting close and we need all the help we can get for BestFriends.org! You know, the Mario marathon brought in a lot of extra viewers, thanks in no small part to MMO Champion and a legion of friendly and awesome World of Warcraft geeks. So in honor of you noble nerds, I bring you Winterspring, from World of Warcraft!

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OILD – Alpinia

Hello again! How has your Obligatory Ice Level Day been so far? Have you been spreading cheer? YOU BETTER BE! Get out there and make someone happy! Anyway, today we’re jumping to a completely different era of gaming. Yesterday I showed you a fairly recentĀ  and well-known Nintendo DS game, now it’s time to look at an ancient and obscure PC game! It’s Alpinia, from The Legend of Kyrandia, Book Two: The Hand of Fate!

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