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Starcraft 2 Mod Targeted by Blizzard

Over the last few days, the Starcraft 2 mod, World of Starcraft (which feature elements from both WoW and Starcraft 2 ) has certainly gained a lot of attention. So much so, in fact, that Blizzard noticed gameplay videos on Youtube and took them down due to copyright infringement.

Blizzard’s lawyers also contacted Ryan Winzell, the man behind the mod, but it was later clarified that Blizzard didn’t have an issue with the mod itself, but they felt the name of the game was too similar to that of their own. Winzell will be supposedly meeting with Blizzard to discuss changing the title of the Mod.

On top of that, they noted that the removal of the Youtube videos was just “standard procedure”, and are interested as to what the Mod entails.

Ryan Winzell has also gained quite a reputation from all of this, and was even offered a job in video game design for Riot games in Los Angeles.

If only we could be so lucky…

(Source: CVG)

Watch First 10 mins of PoP Trilogy

Even if the Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Collection is limited to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the internet is certainly not limited. So go ahead guys who are not in the list above and help yourself to a video of the first 10 minutes (ok 8 minutes and 54 seconds for you pedantic people..) of the trilogy, thanks to Youtube.

Vid after the jump:

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Another round of Youtube promotion

I was browsing our forums and stumbled upon this hillarious trailer Seriouskano made and I had to post it. If anyone else makes a youtube video promoting the marathon I’ll make sure to gather them all up and post them a day or two before we start like last marathon. There was one┬ámistake made in the promo, the marathon is 72 hours, NOT 96. Enjoy!


Youtube Galore!

Updated with more videos 5-8

TheSpeedGamers want to thank everyone who promoted our Mother marathon! We realize that a lot of you promoted in other ways than youtube and we want to make sure you guys didn’t go unoticed. Underneath the videos is a list of the forum members who promoted the Mother marathon. If your youtube video isn’t posted, make sure to PM TheSpeedGamers or email Britt@TheSpeedGamers.com and let me know.



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