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OILD: Cool Cool Mountain

DAY 12! DAY 12! DAY 12! Yes, it’s finally here! Day 12 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! The Mario marathon is on December 14th, when we’ll be raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! C’mon, don’t wait! Get the word out! This marathon’s bound to be a classic! It’ll be something people talk about for some time to come. So we need to bring out the big guns for this one. That’s why today’s ice level is Cool, Cool Mountain, from Mario 64!

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Sketchin’!! – Four Bad Girls

I. HATE. MY. LAPTOP’S. VIDEO. CARD. So I had other stuff to post before the marathon, but naturally my laptop’s video card has just about died on me. I’m in the process of building a new desktop (thanks in no small part to a certain bearded dork helping me get a nice video card…) but until then, you all will have to make do with stuff I’ve already drawn. THAT SAID, LET US MEET FOUR BAD GIRLS…

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