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PixPol Paradise – Chapter 4

Hey-o! Time for another installment of PixPol Paradise, the comic based on YOUR suggestions! The previous installments are in my forum. In this comic, I ask for suggestions from the audience, and I try to incorporate as many of those ideas as possible in the next chapter.

When we last left our heroes, they escaped the Red Zone, a hostile environment filled with demonic Crunch Birds. Hopefully, they can get to the island lighthouse and find the marble they were sent to retrieve!

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VG Flash #30 – The Fight

OH BOY IT IS A PICTURE AND IT MOVES!!! In honor of the PoP/AC marathon, here’s a VG Flash based loosely (VERY VERY VERY LOOSELY) on ancient Persian art. I actually feel obligated to apologize for this video; it was originally going to be much more elaborate, but I threw my back out on Monday and I’ve had to mostly stay in bed since 🙁 When I wasn’t in bed I was WORKING THROUGH THE PAIN. ARGH. Anyway, video under the cut.
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So I was kicking around an idea for a new feature. PixPol Paradise is still continuing, but as you can see it takes a while for me to plan out a chapter after hearing everyone’s ideas. This is something that hopefully can be updated more often. Jaz is a horrible, ugly, violent, stupid duck-monster who likes games more than she likes people. What a charming, likable character! Ask her anything you want! For this installment, I asked her about getting my own crossover.
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VG Flash #28 – Hometown

Oh boy! A new cartoon! And it’s CUTE! Who’dathunkit? I shot for “something you could show your parents” but then I remember your parents probably wouldn’t recognize a fried shrimp and a blueberry’s kooky adventures. Unless they were goofy. Which they might be. Where was I going with this? … Oh yeah, nowhere. Anyway, check it out after the cut!

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VG Flash #27 – Big Boss

HEY KIDS! It’s time for another VG Flash! Yay me! AND YAY YOU! For any newcomers who might be reading this, VG Flash is a celebration of the history of gaming. A celebration that–like all celebrations for all occasions around the world–involves making cartoons about a knife-wielding tempura shrimp and a flying blueberry. This time around, they meet a giant, demonic, skeletal pterosaur. “Aww, how adorable! I bet this cartoon is simply precious! I also now feel an undying urge to send you all of my money and build a 53-foot-tall bronze statue of you outside of my home or place of business!” Why thank you, entire population of Earth! You’re too kind!

… anyway, the cartoon’s under the cut.

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Sketchin’!! – Happy Valentine’s Day!

So yeah, just something adorable for you all for Valentine’s Day. D’AWWW HOW SWEEEEEEET!!! Also thanks for your suggestions for the comic! I’m now going over them and deciding which ones to use in what capacity. Some of the ideas particularly struck me, but will in all likelihood show up much later in the story. Keep an eye out though!; my goal is to work in at least one idea from every person into the overall plot. Anyway, under the cut is some disgusting cuteness…
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VG Flash #26 – Snowboard Cross

Well it’s just a few days until the marathon, so I figured I should show the promo cartoon I did for it. Here’s VG Flash #26: Snowboard Cross!


Snowboard Cross is based on “DK’s Snowboard Cross,” aka “DK Summit” from Mario Kart Wii. I was trying to go for some simpler shapes, since the frame-by-frame stuff I was doing with Raccoon City was hurting my hand. It’s a simple little short, but I think it’s cute anyway. I got a new version of Flash after this, so hopefully I can experiment with some weird new stories in the coming year!

VG Flash #25 – Who Turned Out the Lights?

And here we are: the last VG Flash of the backlog and this month’s cartoon.  I’ve had to watch a lot of old-school cartoons. Even the good ones are nearly incomprehensible. Has anyone actually sat down and watched an old Betty Boop short? They’re like the dreams of a madman with severe head trauma. Many old cartoons also feature some kind of musical number, no matter how pointless, since back then people used them to promote songs.

FUN FACT: That old style actually has a name, and it’s “rubber hose” animation. The name comes from the fact that the characters’ limbs were usually tube-like and could bend anywhere. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

From here on out, the cartoon updates will be much more sparse. But have no fear! Wil and Zee will still show up quite regularly in various ways. I gots me some plans, I does! Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow. Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving, but I hope you international folks have a great day too!