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Post Marathon Thoughts

What a great event! Best ever? Quite possibly. I cannot thank the community enough for the job they did during our marathon. Promotion, activity, energy, you guys had it all. We are just shy of raising $20,000 for Rocking H Ranch. Right now we stand at $19,700 but you are still able to donate.  We thought our goal of $15,000 would be hard to achieve, but just a couple of hours in we knew it was was going to happen. We could not have done it without our great promoters and all of our friends from around the internet who showed up  help push us to our goal. A special thanks to Fangamer for their continued support and amazing prize donations.  Also, thank you to the indie gaming devs and teams that supplied us with their games for giveaways; Team Meat, Humble Indie Bundle, Super Giant Games and Indie Royale.

I’m going to start work on a retrospective video like I typically do after our big events. Look for it to be posted within the week on our youtube channel. Be sure to sign up to forums if you have not already.

Stay tuned for more news about our upcoming events. We look forward this summer (June) to putting on a great event for ACT Today and also to catching all the Pokemon.

First 15 People to Donate At Least $50….

The first 15 people to donate at least $50 get to name Link in one of our playthroughs! You can send in your donations starting now and we will announce via twitter, our website and forums once all 15 slots are filled. The max amount of letters that we want you to use is 6, and if you want a better shot at getting your name in the original NES title, use only 4 characters.

Simply put the name you want in the “comments” part of your donation. If for some reason you are not able to leave a comment, you can email us at comments@thespeedgamers.com and let us know what name you would like to use. The game your name will be assigned to will be randomly drawn. However, if you would prefer a specific game, leave a note in your comment or email and if no one else has claimed the game, we will automatically use that name.

As you can see on the front page of TheSpeedGamers.com, local and diana have spiced things up a bit with our donation widget. The donation widget is located on the right hand side about a third down our web page.

This marathon is in support of the Rocking H Ranch’s Charities: Paws for Reflection Ranch, Tara Sawyer Foundation, and Trent’s Retreat Nonprofit Foundation.

Remember you can claim your name starting now!

Zelda Skyward Sword Scavenger Hunt

We’ve got two more copies of Zelda Skyward Sword to give away, all thanks to forum members YellowPepper and Daskichan. This time around we will be giving out copies pseudo scavenger hunt style.

*Story Time*
The Happy Mask guy has stopped by our forum after his ventures through Hyrule and he needs YOUR help. While traveling he has lost many iconic items from the Zelda series that he had picked up on his journey. Each day, from November 1-16, there will be a new riddle posted about these missing items. If you think you have cracked the riddle, you can send up to 3 guesses (please send all 3 guesses in the same email) to happymask@thespeedgamers.com of what you think the item is. Your answers can help solve the mystery of the missing items….somehow…somehow.

If you answer correctly the Happy Mask Guy will send you a triforce piece with the item pictured on it. There are 16 total pieces and when fit properly together it will reveal a secret image. Using an image editing program like photoshop, MS paint or gimp, put together all 16 triforce pieces and email the finished image to happymask@thespeedgamers.com. Make sure to get in all of your answers by November 18th. We will pick 2 winners randomly from all the contestants who completed the triforce.

Riddles will be updated in this forum post

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Nintendo Announce European Release Dates, Skyward Sword Hits November 18th

Today Nintendo have released a long list of games due out over the next few months, some with more vague release windows than others, however among them was the European release date for Link’s latest adventure in Skyward Sword.

Also in the list was The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, two of the three games that Operation: Rainfall focused on last month, will be coming out to Europe on the Wii some point in 2012. Other notable titles include Kirby: Mass Attack (DS – 28 October), Super Mario 3D Land (3DS – November), Mario Kart 7 (3DS – December) and Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Touch (DS – November)

Unfortuantely still no solid release date for Cave Story 3D, though the DSiWare version is due out at some point in Q4 of this year.

(Source: NintendoLife )